Windsward Corruption Portals

Are the corruption portals in windsward and monarchs disabled? 9 days now without any appearing. I can’t find anything in past patches. In game is no help, save trolls. I just want to get my last large house.

Portals go missing for a couple days after a server restart/update. Been that way since Alpha. Not sure about 9 days though. Are you sure people aren’t just closing them? The map isn’t always accurate.

have you tried turning it off and on again?

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I can confirm they havent spawned

Currently, and invasion is about to be fought on Eridu, and there are no portals.

It’s the same story in Monarchs Bluff.

As our server doesn’t have the population to take down all of these Corrupted portals, it is only logical that they never spawned. Also note that there is no Corruption level tier displayed on either Windsward, nor Monarchs Bluffs.

Our Windsward and Weavers Fen Invasions are at the same time.

They remove them in patch with Brimstone sands and new MSQ, i rememeber they said that portals are temporary removed, i guess its zone for new players so thats why they didnt bring them back.

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