Windsward got wintraded

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Guild Manala on Midgard server let another fake company take over Winsward via a throwed war with the help of another company (Finstack).

Newly created fake guild had only 5 members when the war was declared, the entire roster was filled with purples from Finstack.

Today, as of now, after the war the company Manala does not exist, their members switched factions and moved to the company that now owns Windsward. (Manala houses roughly 5+ members atm)

Update: they are now trying to rename the company to exploit the influence bug and clear the influence my guild gathered before an invasion.

Update 2: Their company leader admitting the deed in global chat


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But how is it an exploit? How are they cheating? They’ve most likely been fighting to keep Windsward, if they wanna switch faction how is it wrong that they get to keep what they’ve been protecting? They obviously want faction switching to be available by resetting our cooldown. So they switched, they setup a new faction guild only makes sense to me that they get to keep it.


I agree bow bowgopew.

They had already conquered Windsward and simply wanted to switch factions to have more competition, I assume. It is not wintrading if you simply give yourself what you already owned.

This is what literally every single company does when they change factions to be able to have wars against a strong company that is the faction they used to be.

Solution? Allow companies to declare on all companies regardless of factions, and this will cease to exist.


It’s not an exploit, but it is against the code of conduct. I can’t remember the post, but a mod mentioned as much when something similar happened on another server.

if they deliberatley blocked anyone from defending then it is an exploit and against coc if people could still defend it then its just a little cheeky/grey

But through that win trading they just collect payout from the fake War. And you can block other Companies from trying to take your Settlement.

Company trading territories by blocking all potentail defenders - Bugs and Exploits / Bugs and Exploits - New World Forums

It’s open to exploitation if not by this Company then by others who deliberately want to do that. You can’t tell the difference and an investigation just wastes time and resources.

The whole player-influenced Settlement system is too open to exploitation in so many ways. All player influence over Settlements should be completely removed.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

Intentionally declaring on yourself over and over and over to stop wars happening is indeed exploiting.

Doing it just once to faction transfer your company is not.

Its so sad reading these posts from people about this kind of stuff when their guild isnt good enough to take the region. Just little rats looking to get people banned or something. They were just swapping factions. Grow up


Hello @NW_Mugsy @TrevzorFTW @Luxendra!

According to this post, wintrading is a violation of the Code of Conduct.

As described in my OP two companies on Midgard have violated said Code of Conduct. I’d also like to point out the deliberate timing of the act. The win-trade occured on Christmas Eve (after AGS staff announced that you guys will be off for holidays) to avoid suspicion and reprecussions for the act.

One of the mentioned guilds is notorius for mass bug abuses and exploiting and a line has to be drawn somewhere. What is the AGS official stance on win-trading, besides the CoC forum post, and can we expect measures taken against those two cheating companies?

It depends on how it was traded.
Did they switch factions, leave someone behind, kick and ban people from the war roster and purposefully take it in 2 minutes?
Or did they let the war roster auto fill and take it by force?

1 is win trading, the other is not.
Unless recorded, it’s not win trading.

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