Winter Convergence Tree of Light at max level

Noticed that on the server I’m on, some of the Trees of Light are now at maximum level. Along with this, the 3 bonus event quests are no longer available - this makes sense, the tree can no longer be improved. However this deprives players the ability to contribute towards their chosen settlements festival and gain rep for the event

Bearing in mind we’re not even a week into the festival (for many the holiday period hasn’t even started), and many of us are facing merges into much higher population servers (where it’s likely most trees will be maxed), please consider making these quests available once a tree has been levelled up

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I was thinking the same thing…
Plus one of the first quests I think is to do a ‘Winter’ town board quest… (make an object for the tree, or gifts for children, etc).
How can they do this if the tree is fully upgraded?

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Surely you assist settlements 2 and 3 for the bigger daily bonus? But yeah it might be a problem when they finish upgrades too

I think for me the worry was that on the low pop server I’m on, one tree has been fully done in 3 days (Windsward), there’s at least 3 other trees that are well over half way through the last level and I expect will be fully upgraded tomorrow or Tuesday. With over three weeks of the event left to run, to remove the bit that actually got players of all levels involved, feels a little mean.

With a tree upgraded, maybe the occupants of the settlement would like some home made gifts :smiley:

You can loot the christmas tree and wintervillage presents once a day for ~1.5k rep. You’ll hit max reputation in a week.

Absolutely - if all trees are upgraded and you can get to them (not all players are going to be level 60, so some trees may be inaccessible), you get an easy 150 rep per parcel each day + 125 for each village sack. Although 10k rep seems like a mountain initially, it’s achievable even for casual players.

My comment was more along the lines that the Winter Convergence is a community event where we all contribute towards a goal. By removing the townsboard quests when a tree is maxed out, you basically remove the community aspect of the event, because there is no longer a common goal (it’s become a rep grind). There’s no reason why there couldn’t be a “which settlement has the best tree” type competition too, which would require the quests to stick around until the end.

Wait for an invasion to fail. Very common.

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