Winter Event is not good :(

I have not played for long but i have noticed one thing in the event that after you done 5-6 quest you get a LVL 60 Elite quest, and i am only lvl 49. So there is no way to continue to get more reputation so you can buy some good items.
And since the most players are lvl 60 on my server they are not eager to hellp either since they have already done it.
Think of that when you are doing the next event make so you can get a quest after your lvl, or the highest lvl i your group.



You do not get that much that much event exp from t he 60 + quests. Even if you do them all you will come up short. Gathering presents in each town each day gives a lot.

The Quest give few hundred Event XP, thats a few More trees you have to collect.

You aren’t meant to finish the quest without being lvl 60.

I think they messed up a bit when they decided which armor goes to which character and their quest level…

For example, the gear that a level 60 would be able to get after doing the first level 60 quest is for level 40+ characters. Gear that level 60 toons would not wear because it’s too low for them.

So it is seriously messed up.


yes, that is what i mean

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I totally disagree. I think the Event has been great and well put together. My character is early 40s and has maxed Event Reputation and gotten the six of the max level items to be held till she’s 60 and can use them. Play the game, run around the world, hit the Trees of Light, pick up presents, turn them all in at the Winter Villages and you would max.

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