Winter event (Meteorites)

  • What is your character name in New World: Xowin
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Lyonesse (EU)
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: I am really invested in the current winter event (for the furniture) and spend a lot of time collecting presents and meteorites, but since the server merge from Estotiland to Lyonesse, meteors don’t seem to spawn anymore as they are supposed to. I spend entire evenings trying to wait for meteors on locations that I know meteors spawn and nothing happens. Even if I stand on the meteorite spawn position from the start of a New World night, until the next day, nothing happens and the meteors simply do not appear. It’s pretty harsh farming single presents to get to the tokens you need for all the furniture - but ofc - if it is intended like that, then I am fine with it. But before the merge, I could simply go to the two meteor spawn points i know, wait there until it was night and collect the meteorite stuff as soon as it spawned…
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Spending hours ingame that feel very dull, since you wait for something that is supposed to happen, but doesn’t happen.

As I said, it’s not crazy urgent or anything, but after days of trying, I just thought it’s maybe a good idea to ask here and if it actually is a bug or not.

Thank you for your help & merry christmas! :blush:

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Just fyi u get tokens from trees everyday aswel

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Yes that is true - I am max level for a while already and try to do the daily tree rotation, but I am too dumb tor remember/note where I started the last day and since you don’t see ingame what the cd of the trees is, you end up in front of the “used” trees a lot as well xD

There I would also recommend to make the thing a “daily” thing and not a once very 24 hours thing. It would be a lot more flexible for the players that can only play in the evenings. For example I usually start playing around 1900 CET and try to farm those presents/trees. When I walk 20 min to the next town and can’t collect the present, cause I did that an hour later the previous day, that is a bit frustrating as well.

The post is more about the actual tokens tho. If you want the furniture stuff and the emote, you have to collect around 70 premium tokens. Which equals 5250 presents. You get roughly 12 presents per tree and if you do the full rotation each day, which is pretty much impossible without playing wars/invasions for azoth - you get 132 presents a day with only trees and in between you find some as well, so let’s say 150 a day. So technically in 35 days of full tree runs you could get all the furniture, but that doesn’t really work, since you can’t really afford that if you play casually. Additionally it doesn’t work because you miss every second tree due to being there too early and not after the 24 hours elapsed → So it’s more a 70 day thing.

Floating presents, even when you know where they are, are pretty much impossible to get, since someone is always gonna be faster than you. F.e. i got around 5-10 of them since the start of the event. Since the server merge it’s the same thing with meteors. There you can use the food provided by the yeti to boost the amount of crystals you get and there you would actually make great progress with around 1 premium token per meteor. (-2 normal tokens for the food). But when they don’t spawn, you can’t make progress. I am f.e. just now standing on a known spot again for the entire night and nothing happens.

As mentioned before - I don’t know how much time they want to go into that event and how they intended it to be. It could be that they really wanted it that hard, which is fair enough and I would like that as well, but the differences from the last server to Lyonesse are quite noticeable and because of that I start to think it’s somewhat bugged.

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