Winter event quest chain is bugged and the boss is no longer dropping loot upon kill completion even with kill participation/verified criteria met

TheMoistLatino -Yggdrasil- No Winter Event Quests

-The quest chain bugs if you kill the yeti before going to the event town…
-I have no event quests and have never participated in events similar in the past
-I know how and where to receive the first quest, I have looked up every step to all quests associated with the chain
-I can confirm there is an error taking place

-I have wasted 2 hours looking up how to play this event since all the players wont que anything else… the event is bugged so i cant do quests… and the world boss is no longer dropping rewards for kill credit… not even reputation for the event… just 14 gold… what a joke

-No guide anywhere detailing the boss and if there is a daily limit… which it seems like there is
-Quest chain bugged and made the content unplayable.
-Right now i have no reason to play the game, all players are doing the event, and the event is bugged for me so i dont get rewards

Please do something and fix the broken content you claim as a finished product, thank you.

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Exactly the same.

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Me three. Passed the yeti and killed it; now can’t pick up the quest.

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