Winter event quest not showing up

A quest appeared on the map when the winter event arrived I got that quest but there is nothing I need to do on the map, the event quest doesn’t show up in the journal, what should i do?

Do you know which quest it is? Could you send a screenshot?

there is a questline i saw in YT, but i dont have

The quests are different from last year. You most likely got the quest to kill the Winter Warrior? There’s currently a bug where you won’t get the other 3 quests and they’re working to fix that.

the video uploaded 1 day ago, and the beginning of the event there was a quest that i accepted, but it dissappeared when i took it. If it will fix thats okay

Do you happen to know which quest you are currently on?

No i just accepted one quest and it dissappeared immediately

Oh interesting. :thinking: Do you see anything in your journal under “Event Quests”?

Nope, there is nothing :frowning:

Do you know if you killed the Winter Warrior before getting the quests?

no, I got the quest and it didn’t give me any quests. Then I killed the boss.

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I did indeed kill the Winter Warrior pror to visting or speaking to the Winter Wanderer, as there was nothing directing me to do anything else. X Yeti in Recruitment and I went.

Now the Winter Wander just presents me with faction board information. No quests at all.

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