WIPE threads and a better alternative

I’d really appreciate the opinions of people who no-lifed the game at launch, and those who play very casually. I value all your opinions and would like to have a constructive discussion with ALL your concerns.

We’ve all seen wipe threads dime a dozen at this point, obviously there are merits to whether or not thats a good idea. The outcry is undeniable and I dont think anyone is happy with losing their time invested, or being a sucker outside of the economical bubble.

At this point we know that duping has for the most part damaged the economy a lot. Im curious to gauge what peoples thoughts on just doing an intentional power spike when the next content release would do

I’m just spit-balling here, but what if in the coming content release you raised the following

  • All professions to a higher cap
  • Max level
  • Gold rewards of everything past current content by a considerable amount. Make 500 gold worth what 1 gold is now.

Would this not massively mitigate the economical issues?

Obviously the people who duped billions need to be banned and the gold needs to be removed, otherwise nothing will matter. But if we could liquidate our current gold now into XP and preparing for the coming power spike, we could at least equalize a bit with the people who didn’t/wont get weeded out with ban waves?

I know people will argue that power spikes in MMOs are awful because they invalidate old content, but since progression is tied to different forms of XP in the game, I think the cons are mitigated considerably (Also, its inevitable that this happens what new content drops anyway, progression is needed to keep MMOs alive)

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