Wishlist of Changes for New World

Here I wanted to create a massive list of Quality of Life wishlist items, content wish list items, and a few select bug fixes that I’ve compiled from playing. Many of these items are based on more collective feedback from other players but many are my own preferences. As a result it’s totally understand that some people won’t agree with all of it.

See the 3rd post on this thread for things that were added since this threads creation and were removed from this list



  • Townboard music missions. Have it so you are assigned to play a list of music songs on various difficulties within the town limits. Make it so you need to get at least “good” or above to mark it as complete. We need more ways to integrate music into the game. Also more ways to do towmboards that cannot be bought at the trading post.

  • Open up all Fresh Start Servers in 6 months and remove the FSS tag converting them into main servers. The game doesn’t need a fragmented community. Link to my current proposed solution. What to do with fresh start servers moving forward? How to transition players (that want to) over to the main servers?

  • Add a way to search through all of the items in the game. Then from this list allow us to set a unique sound to play when this item drops. For instance the Heartgems burden music sheet. So you don’t have to check every single bag drop and know to check when the sound plays. Also consider a lost loot system specifically for rare items that never get picked up.

  • Having a mail system would be fun. You can tie it to house ownership as well!

  • Add more traps and have them outside of instanced content. Think collapsing floors into spike pits, swinging axes, poison darts, and more lasers. Make them very punishing (lasers do this well, swinging axes are often ignored).


Quality of Life:

  • Gear loudouts, let us fast switch between healer gear, luck gear, tanking gear, etc. (Known to be in progress)

  • Weapon build loadouts, so I can quickly swap been different builds rapidly. So we can set an AOE heading build, targeting healing build, etc.

  • Allow all trophies to be placed inside a house, but then make it so only 5 are active at once. This can be swapped effortlessly in the Bio page. It already lists all of the active trophies.

  • Global storage/banking system. Make it so your storage is all combined into a single massive storage system. Switch storage from weight based to number of unique items. Increase max number of unique items to compensate (much higher than 500!), make it so chests increase the unique item limit to give them continued function. Weight remains for inventory storage to limit how much can be gathered at once in the open world. (Global storage known to be currently in consideration, unknown if removing weight system)

  • Crafting/Refining gear should allowed to be placed on an armor dummy inside your house and would give the crafting/refining benefit while inside that settlement (or globally if we want to go crazy!). So if you place your armoring gear on an armor stand, now you no longer need to swap your gear before crafting armor and always get the buff while in that specific settlement. Grabbing gear and putting it on isn’t a particularly fun use of player time, but this keeps it so these items retain functionality.

  • Let’s add upon that further! Let’s have general cosmetic armor dummies/stands in houses beyond the above suggestion. A fun idea would be to let you interact with it to quick swap gear. This would be in addition to the separate quick swapping system in your inventory. This also frees up space in your storage for collectable gear and let’s you show it off inside your house.

  • Add useful filters on trading post such as searching for schematics by “not learned.” This lets you quickly purchase what you don’t have already.

  • Let us sort our storage into custom tabs. While we are at this, allow us to search inventory and storage by perk. Examples. Let me create tabs/sections for “Keep gear,” “Healer Gear,” and other tags to make sorting easier.

  • Redo trading post completely to be more user friendly such as searching for things better, etc. This is complicated. Please see other detailed threads for more on this. (UPDATE! IT’S IMPROVED! KEEP IT UP!)

  • Add a player stats page that notably includes current total luck stat, different protections, active perks, etc. This let’s players know what exactly their armor is providing, what perks are stacking, what ones are not. Also basic stats about the player such as number of enemies killed, etc. Let’s support players who want to theory crafting specific builds. This also helps players test the game and give better feedback as well.

  • Make it so when you attack test dummies that after x period of time (perhaps a minute or two) it will automatically calculate and tell you your damage/second. Gives players more ability to playtest and test their gear. Let us change the type of dummy to angry earth, corrupted, etc.

  • Swimming - not particularly my highest priority. Maybe it is part of the lore explaining why we are stuck on the island haha. It honestly isn’t really hindering much from what I’ve experienced. It just feels odd that we cannot swim. Again without it, we wouldn’t have the memes. (they added a wading animation!)

  • Make it so friendly healing circles are a different color than enemy ones. Do this for all AOE abilities as well (ice shower, etc). Very important.

  • Make it so when you open a lore page it reads it aloud for all pages. (Partially added!)

  • Give more options for territory owners to customize their towns and use the money they generate on the town. Make towns less about generating a ton of gold and more about community building.

  • Add an option to enter an instanced version of PVE arenas instead of waiting. Add a queue to wait for the public option (for those that want to fight in the open world and be spectated). I actually love that arenas are public right now and really think it makes for a really cool immersive factor where you can watch other teams fight it out. Unfortunately it comes with it’s own issues such as long waits and people who keep stealing the arena over and over, so you don’t get a chance to start yours. The idea is as follows. Make it so the game checks if there is a current team in the arena. If not, you just enter the public arena and it’s as easy as that. If there is a team already in the public arena then you can choose to enter the queue for public fight or opt into an instanced version. This lets any number of teams do it at the same time. It keeps the open world option, which I think is really cool. Finally it creates a queue system so people can’t keep stealing the arena over and over and maintains some order if you prefer to wait to fight in the open world. I want to minimize instanced content, but understand it is an important tool as well.


  • Runestone Stopwatch to have drop down menu to give attribute option (including all split stats) instead of forcing CON on everything.

  • Allow Runestone Stopwatch to work with bags and tools. Giving it a use now with golden scarabs.

  • Let us re-roll a single perk on armor (making it BOP).

  • Give us the option to remove perks from our rolling pool. This is likely more balanced than allowing two guaranteed perks and minimizes bad feel crafts. (double perks were added)

  • Allow timeless shards with ALL schematics including cosmetic schematics and guaranteed 600 schematics. Allow split attribute mods on timeless shards (Str/Con).

  • Give a use to legendary crafting items (broken sword, broken hatchet, scaling powder, etc). They have no sink in the game outside of the weapon they make and if it’s not good then it becomes worthless. Create a sink for these items. Let them reroll perks on weapons? Allow us to salvage them and give a high chance at a perfect salvage.



  • The music skill is one of the coolest skills in the game but it’s unfortunately not very impactful and useful. I’m wondering if the devs do not realize this because a recent dev comment on the video said otherwise, the buffs are not particularly impactful and often ignored. A simple fix would be to add mild PVE damage boosts and loot luck (loot luck being something that is not very impactful in reality but some perceive it to be impactful. It’s something everyone will want active and encourage bards to play before chest runs. It’s kinda an obvious choice I think)

  • Address what the heck happened with the encumbrance song. It gives 100 when all of the patch notes said 1000 max. Is this a bug? consistent typo in all of the PTR notes and release notes? 100 is far too low if this was actually intended. If it’s a bug then it’s should be addressed and not ignored for a year.

  • Add an even harder mode above expert that is truly impossible to do on your first run. Add even more keys, add even faster key pressing for fast songs, consider needing to hold down keys at times (still requiring other keys to be pressed at same time) Make it really hard. Make it so the buff duration and strength is based on the difficulty of the song played to give a reason to hire a good bard for a buff! (In case devs not aware, you get the same buff bonus if you play a novice song or expert song at this time)

  • Keep adding more music! It’s so good!

  • +5% loot luck song

  • +5% corruption, lost, etc bane song idea (Doesn’t impact PVP by coding it this way)

  • +20% movement speed, out of combat and it’s removed upon flagging for PVP song (Not my original idea)



  • “Random” node system for the open world. Please see my other thread here: Idea: Making "Random" Open World Spawns (For SAND WORMS, mobs, resources, ori meteors, world bosses, rare loot chests, rafflebones, treasure maps, abandoned caravans, etc) - #51 by Blackxp

  • The “random” node system would make the game incredibly unique compared to other MMOs and would greatly encourage open world exploring. Content like Rafflebones is included in this sort of content also random world bosses, treasure maps, Orichalcum meteors, resource nodes, etc. We are starting to get some of this content but read the thread for more details and why a more global system is advantageous.

  • Bring back Gleemite meteors but with starmetal and orichalcum! Have them only spawn at night and make them just as visually stunning as they were during the event. How has this not been added despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback?!

  • Add randomly spawned open world bosses that are announced to the entire server when they spawn. Make them really difficult and require 10? 50? 100? players to defeat them. Similar to Turkulon but not tied to an event and make easier versions similar to Turkulon difficulty but also ones much much harder. (Halloween boss was a great version of this, let’s do ones that are not bound to the holidays!)

  • Add random treasure maps that can be found throughout Aeternum (random spawn). These link to a random chest in Aeternum (there are like 1000+ different chests out there?) and have them include a riddle or a zoomed with an X over where the chest should be. The first time you loot the correct chest you get the treasure! Maybe a few asmo? Other rare resources?

  • Add more random encounters/dynamic events! Especially important to make the open world more interesting and promote open world exploration. Miniature invasions at forts, mobs attacking a territory, abandoned caravans on roads that you can loot, single loot non-instanced chests with really good loot that spawn randomly in the open world (disappears after someone finds and loots it), and other rare and unique encounters.

  • Perhaps add something new that we can build in the open world to give a little more taste of that sandbox experience. Right now we have camps and is fun to be able to create something with materials. It would be cool if we had a few more options (start small). Maybe something that let you refine materials in the open world. It would be balanced as you would not get any boost to your yield and may be limited to lower tier materials. Imagine being able to iron ore into bars (which greatly reduced the overall weight) so you can keep mining out there a little longer. Other options would be some siege equipment for open world PVP experiences. Again with anything sand box-y there needs to be limitations. These things should be only present when you are online. Shouldn’t persist longer than when you are online. Limit where they can be placed similar to camps. If we gave complete full rein then that would result in players creating dicks out of them everywhere haha. I would love to hear other ideas of things we can create in the open world. Concerns about specific ideas and was to balance them. Also hear from the Alpha players that experienced when the game was sandbox style. What worked? What didn’t? Were there any items that could be ported over like camps? Something simple? (Incoming based on leaks?)

  • Would love to see more puzzles, hidden things, jump puzzles, riddles to solve during quests. Unfortunately many of these things do take take some time to develop and are often “solved” quickly by the playerbase but are very much appreciated. Simple things like the chest hidden in the tree in depths would be cool. To have a full on jump puzzle hidden in the open world to get somewhere would be really cool. Even if it’s not super common content, would be nice. (keeping this here even though we got jump puzzles! They were very well received! Keep them coming!)


  • Add cacti in Brimstone Sands and make them damage you if you touch them. Perhaps some rarer species applying a slight poison effect (nature DoT). These are mild immersion effects, but small things like this add up to create immersion in the environment. Note: after discussion with another user. Make the damage mild, 4-6 damage each time you touch a cactus, maybe 3 damage a sec/10secs for the poison (30 total damage). Again only real purpose is immersion.

  • Add new birbs. Crows (brightwood), vultures (Brimstone Sands), tropical birbs (shore areas/Ebonscale), cranes? (swampy areas) that are found in trees if aplicable, wander towards dead animals if you forget to skin them (vultures), wander into berry bushes, and often land on the ground. If you approach them they fly away and spook. Can hit with musket and bow with decent aim. Just another small thing that helps create immersion.

  • Add rare wildlife that can spawn at “random” spawn nodes (see my other idea highlighted in blue). They would be a rare spawn on the spawn table, maybe 1:100 for some and 1:1000 or 1:10,000 for other spawns but would be cool. Perhaps provide some reward if interacted with. Imagine seeing a white stag or a massive glowing bioluminescent moth at night when exploring Aeternum drifting through the forest.

  • Dynamic weather. On top of this, why not have dynamic random spawns based on the weather.


  • Company storage. Let company members place items into a company storage into different privilege tiers. Then members based on their assigned role and privileges can remove items. There is the settler tier, officer, consul, etc. Let’s me dump my schematics I don’t want into it and let people take whatever they need. War consumables. Gear we find and don’t want to post on trading post. This should release with company halls (company owned housing). Make it so the company that owns that settlement has their guild hall viewable to public, otherwise you enter through the housing menu (added per other suggestion).

  • Allow players to flag against their own company members and also flag against a specific company. This allows for more player driven content. With this idea a company can host intra-company PVP events in the open world. It also would allow for two companies to host inter-company war practice or scrimmages.

  • Company Halls. Give us company owned housing. Make it so the current company that owns the territory have their company hall viewable to the public and easily accessible to the public. Otherwise you can enter your own companies hall from the new housing menu under the Bio tab (see idea below).

  • Company vs. Company war scrimmages. We know that casual war and casual invasion options are incoming. I think casual war options will be fun but it will be a completely different experience from the real thing. Randoms do not communicate well haha and that is fine, it will be fun in a different way. Lets allow companies to challenge each other in an instanced version of war to practice but also provide more access to this content for the non-elite players. @grumpyoldman

  • Revamp territory standing. It was mentioned a looooong time ago that this will be happening and they confirmed that there would be a reset of your territory standing points to accompany this change.


  • Player Bounty Hunting System! Idea: Bounty Hunting

  • Battle Royale mode. A cool PVP mode that blends PVP and PVE (by adding gathering/crafting options) that also eliminates gear discrepancies between players because everyone drops down without any gear and acquires/crafts it during the mode. 3 person teams would be so much fun.

  • Encourage open world PVP by having random events that draw players to specific locations (forts, etc). The open world is where PVP can really shine as you fight in unique locations instead of the same instance over and over again. The issue is that it’s too darn big which dilutes the PVP. This is why you need something to draw players to specific locations. The same way world bosses create spontaneous PVE experiences. (Incoming with last dev update)

  • Add hotspot territories to promote open world PVP in different locations (similar to above, idea post GC update) Fix Idea: PVP Track XP Changes: Hotspot Territories - #6 by IDarkStar (Incoming based on last dev video)

  • Improve CC deminishing returns, seems to have been improved, but perhaps it’s could be improved to prevent stun lock combos from being too prevalent. Increase the duration that the CC protection is in effect instead of making it only work when another CC is followed up immediately afterwards. Additionally give players more counterplay options to break out of CC, credit to @Gamercape.

  • Separate balancing for PVE vs. PVP. I won’t go into details regarding specific PVP balance, as I do not believe I am the best player to help with these details, but many games balance these things separately for good reason. We can’t have outrageous CC in PVP but it is okay in PVE settings. This also would greatly help balancing healers in both settings.


  • New mutators. We need one for every element including ice, nature, lightning, arcane. We also need other unique mutations that completely alter how it is played. Either during the mutation, how one preps for the mutation (changing up what armor you take in, weapons, how many DPS/healers/etc), and how each role plays. Have a pitch dark mode where one player is the torch and everyone needs to play around them otherwise they cannot see the dungeon. Other unique twists like that. (Note, NATURE and ICE have been added!)

  • Increase Enraged effect in mutations from +15% increases size of the mob to +50%. Let’s make it noticable! Would make the mutation feel much cooler.

  • Consider a “rust” effect from certain mobs that deals durability damage to gear. This would give use to the be indestructible perk. It could also be considered as a mutators because if it is not managed properly either with gear perks or potions (preventing or limiting the effect) then it can be a really devastating effect as when a piece breaks your GS instantly drops and at high level mutation levels, that can potentially wipe a player and then the party. Idea complements of @desubot (Note, we no longer take damage in mutations but that doesn’t mean this cannot still happen from other effects)

  • Arena Mutations/A place to challenge really difficult bosses that changes every week and has different variables added. This could be at a massive Roman Colloseum in Brimstone Sands that also has wave fights (swarms of zombie lost), difficult beasts (give use to beast bane/ward), and could even have traps in the arena as well! Check out this user’s (@FishT) post! New Content: Summons

  • Make it so interacting with corruption portals impacts invasions. Many players thought that this was the case on release. Either by delaying the next invasion or perhaps even better would be to alter the difficulty of the upcoming invasion itself based on number of portals closed (after updating invasions themselves) @Nadar credit for this update. Not sure if he used the forums.

  • Make the corruption portal experience more dynamic and introduce more randomness. What spawns out of the portals should not be static and instead there should be a chance at common spawns, uncommon ones, rare ones, and perhaps even ultra rare ones that initiate a world boss event. Give us a reason to farm them reward wise, but the experience itself should not be fully predictable otherwise it becomes stale. Rewards need a big rework.

  • Create new and different invasion types! Lost Invasion, angry earth, beasts. Give us some exciting diversity.

  • Mutate invasions (not my original idea, gonna need to find it to give credit). Then after each successive Invasion win you move from a regular to, M1, M2, etc. This increments until defending the invasion fails or ownership of the territory changes.

  • Introduce raid style content with larger group sizes and difficulty. (Incoming)

  • Introduce even harder dungeon content. Recently had some discussion with other players and among MMORPGs it appears that M10 is nowhere near the difficulty of other similar systems. One key component would be to make it so boss fights get more difficulty at higher levels and their mechanics become much more difficulty. I love the mutation system at its core and that as we get more and more combinations it’s going to be a really cool system. This would just be on top of that with a focus on making extremely hard, near impossible, boss experience options to chase. (Having boss fight mechanics change at higher mutation levels is something AGS mentioned previously as something that is being developed. We also had mutations get much more difficult! Thanks for that AGS!)


  • Make housing more accessible to the public for better player immersion. Have it so you can freely enter the current public house without an invisible wall (currently already possible if you accidentally glitch in). The public house still rotates every 48 hours. Any further changes to the public house won’t update live until next house is chosen in 48 hours. There no longer would be an invisible wall at the entrance to get into a house, you can just walk in. 100x better than current system in terms of immersion, even if it means your house won’t always be visible to you while you are walking in town. It would be visible when your enter the instanced version from your housing menu*(in Bio tab)*. Players can access this menu to change their active trophies (see other idea) and can teleport to their house from there as they already are allowed. It is free to teleport to your house if you are inside town limits, otherwise it’s the normal cost.

  • Add more housing items based on currently existing items in the game. There are so many cool items out there that could be added that are already in the game! The wall dividers in Ebonscale are a really popular suggestion! (see other players thread, this is not my original idea)

  • Let’s add furnishing items that are functional.
    Ideas like making the training dummy work inside your house like they do in forts (make it so you can attack the ones in the current public house as you walk by, a nice little touch). Ways to change your appearance at vanity table. Possibly add limited resources that can be gathered daily/farmed (limited for balancing reasons and to keep players inside open world and not in instanced content). Why not alchemy tables and woodworking tables that can do things that the current trophies don’t do? Increase potion yield or decrease weight of ingredients. The just can go on! Thanks to @Lordbafford for idea. Another consideration is to make some of these things BOP to reward training furnishing a bit more.

  • Add tier V houses in each territory that are only obtainable with 300 territory standing. An example would be the boat in the center becoming a tier V house in Restless Shores. Add very impressive ones in each territory to give a reward for grinding out territory standing.


  • Add ways to change your in-game appearance.

  • Transmog system. Seriously monetize the hell out of this. We will fund the hell out of your salaries! Just let us do it haha. (Incoming!)

  • Add black dye to the shop. Overwhelming demand for this specific dye.

  • Make armor skins from the shop dye-able.

  • Allow players to dye weapons as well (in addition to weapon skins).

  • Add more cosmetic chase items to stockpiles, elite chests, and world bosses. Make the drop rates crazy rare. Rarer than Goldensteel chest schematic. These items should be cosmetic only, so more housing decorations that look really cool and stand out, weapon/armor skins that you learn from an ultra rare schematic, etc. We can have rare items that are functional such as gear, weapons, and trophy materials but the ultra rare items should be more focused on cosmetics. I feel weaponssmith pants were an example where maybe they were a little too difficult to get for an item required to craft high level gear. Again that’s debatable.


  • Allow players to continue to level up beyond level 60 similar to aptitude levels. These levels would carry over when the level cap is increased. Doing so would give players access to titles and unique cosmetics. Would avoid giving any further benefits in this system to make it more of an opt in system but might help bridge the gap between the more casual players and giving hardcore players more to grind without forcing it upon casual ones. Another option could be to allow a player to reset their level, but keep all of their items, houses, crafting levels, weapon levels, etc. Players that complete the level 60 grind multiple times could also get rewarded with titles and cosmetics/emotes. Would likely tie it to quests as well to prevent too much speed running town board quests.

  • Another consideration is to have it so xp continues to matter past level 60 and each extra level gives a gypsum orb. Most simplistic option here but one idea to consider.

  • Cross server functionality for OPR/Arenas/and casual versions of wars/invasions when those are released. Cross server expeditions/mutations also would be a really helpful feature. (known to in-progress)

  • Leaderboards/High Scores/MMR Matchmaking (Incoming!)

  • Increase the GS of the legendary weapons from the weapon quest to 590 and give option of buffing them to 600+ with umbral shards. Give them all a nice 3rd perk so perhaps some of them may be used in the future. Perhaps focus on special creature bane’s and niche situations vs. making any of them generic BIS weapons.

  • Mounts. No rush personally but as the world expands a bit, then it will be nice. (Incoming!)

  • Continue to improve quests! I marked this as complete since this was created when quests were simply “kill x creatures” but this can always be improved! Keep it up!

  • Provisions stockpiles seem to be working as intended but I think legendary fish, scrumptious rabbit, cooked tier V food, etc should be added to the drop list. Make it really rare so doesn’t overly impact the primary market significantly but gives players a reason not to skip these chests (same with Alchemy but those appear to be glitched).

  • Encumbrance potions are a long forgotten potion. The game has changed significantly yet these remain the same. They definitely need much more love to make them have a better use in the game. Would suggest giving +500 or more encumbrance to give them the use they deserve.

  • Complete revamp of achievement system. Give more hidden achievements. Finding and discovering hidden areas. Give it the flavor it deserves and look at other MMOs and take the best things from them to find something worthy of this game. Have it reward not only more difficult to obtain titles, but cosmetics, housing items, armor/weapon/tool/camp skins, and music pages. Make it all cosmetic rewards but create a ton of reward for chasing some hard to obtain achievements.

  • Create a bridge between the shrine in RS to the other side. @Tim? @Nadar

  • Have it so the compass shows icons that tell you if a fishing hotspot is active or depleted. @Nadar


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix it so we finally get orichalcum arrows/cartridges from elite and high level chests. It’s been bugged and giving iron since the games release. Same with common regeneration potions instead of infused.

  • Alchemy stockpiles presumably have been glitched for a while. Stockpiles are really exciting until you realize they are not supply stockpiles. These often give 4 motes! I assume the table is messed up in same way as the above for iron arrows/cartridges instead of orichalcum. This needs to change. Make them have a chance at essence, quintessence, etc.

  • Fix the ultra rare guaranteed 600 schematics to have unique skins. Right now they are bugged to have steel armor skins and other low level armor skins that are already in the game. Also fix the general discrepancy where many items have where their icons do not match the weapon skin (fix Tiger’s Bane to look like the icon, not the other way around haha. Currently a ton of items are mismatched). Not a massive priority but something I wanted to highlight.

  • Achievements. So many are broken. There are lore pages missing. Some lore page achievements not obtainable right now for that reason. Would love for this to eventually be fixed since it’s been with the game since launch. Also make the Achievement system much more rewarding. This is how you keep the more hardcore players busy without forcing grind upon the casual crowd! (Almost fixed! Much progress has been made! Still missing pages and the achievement page still breaks occasionally but much better!)

Things I Just Want:

  • Blunderbuss to be Str/Dex

  • Pistol to be Dex/Foc


Solo end game PvE
AoE CC reduced, more skill based combat in PvP.
Bow buffs.
Crafting rework



  • All holiday events should be token based or have a pity system for luck based drops. A player should be able to choose whether or not they want to grind for a rare holiday event item and know that if they put in x time they will get rewarded. No one should grind 6000 rabbits, run out of time, and have wasted all of that time. (AGS addressed this)

  • Crafting changes. Make it feel a little less random and minimize feel bad moments. I have some ideas below, but this should be the underlying philosophy of the change. Idea should be to balance making the system feel better without making it too easy to craft BIS gear. (IMPROVED!)

  • Make salvaging crafted items more satisfying. Give asmo back for 595-600 GS crafted items. (ADDED!)

  • Give umbral shards for salvaging legendaries 100/per? Plus some high end materials. Umbral shard amount can’t be too high or otherwise people will upgrade 599 to 600 then salvage. (ADDED!)

  • Fix the aptitude updates when entering instanced content. Been going on for a long time now and really a strong reminder that the game is still really buggy, breaks immersion. FIXED!!

  • Icon swapping bug where item icons swap been items. Another long-standing bug that is a constant reminder that the game is buggy. Not game breaking but these bugs really do start to eat at the players that have been around since the beginning. FIXED!!

  • Remove gathering perks from the crafting pool. AGS could correct me here but I am assuming these are an unintended bug, otherwise we wouldn’t have lumberjack clothing. Conversely the weaponssmithing buffs would also be in the pool and not exclusive to that armor. I don’t mind having the exclusive armors as they are something to farm in the end-game, you just need to remove the gathering perks. FIXED/CHANGED

  • Traveling on roads. Improve the movement speed buff from 10% to 25% for unflagged players. Right now it’s not particularly noticable. Make it so the buff ramps up adding +5% movement speed every few seconds until it maxes at +25%. We can keep the 10% max for unflagged, you could consider giving this to flagged. Perhaps the slow ramp would likely prevent it from interfering with PVP too much, but I understand that PVP needs to be considered. As of right now, it’s faster to not run on the roads and just cut corners and use weapon abilities. It would be nice if traveling in roads was actually quicker, otherwise the buff feels kinda worthless. ADDED partially, now at 15%

  • Please add a visual to see the expertise level for each weapon on the weapon skill page. It’s a commonly requested feature and would be much more convenient than having to equip a weapon to see what expertise level you are. ADDED!

  • Have it so when you open a journal page that it reads the page aloud to the player. So you can continue gathering, exploring, fighting, or questing while you take in the game’s lore. Many games already do this but would be a really nice way to get players into the lore more (including myself). While on the topic, more wonderful cutscenes would be marvelous! PARTIALLY ADDED, kept on the main list but giving credit here

  • Improve quests! We need dialog! Throw in some humour when appropriate. Stop with the overuse of waypoints. In fact in some cases maybe even remove the waypoint altogether and have players figure out where to go based on a riddle or knowledge of the lore and landscape. Player made quest guides will be available for those that choose to use them, force them upon us. Focus heavily on unique and complicated questing. We should not be getting simple kill x enemy quests. Honestly as simple of a game it is, look at RuneScape for inspiration here. If you check anywhere on the internet it is considered to have some of the better quests for an MMO out there. (IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY. Kept it on main list but moved this here to give credit)


  • Limit access to the tax money that is in a settlement’s coffers by company owners. Perhaps gold over a certain amount is forced to be spend on town Improvements, buffs, etc. This requires adding new ways to spend the money, including very expensive options to choose from. Ways to make a town really unique and give companies a way to really make their town stand out. One other option would be to let governors add it to townboard missions. Right now they give about 3 gold, Which makes sense to prevent inflation. Well why not let owners dump it into these to give 200? 500? until the allocated money is all spent. This money originates from the players so would not create any additional inflation and would bring players to your town boards, especially when you no longer have new players running them for xp. (Reworded, they changed how gold is distributed and want to continue with gold being a primary reward for owning territories. So I changed it a bit to fit with their philosophy. Instead of removing gold from territory owners.)

But why?

You cone up with really good stuff, but why nerf the trophies like that?


Haha hey I am with you here. Some of these are made in an attempt to be a compromise but I also agree. Why not? If we make it so easy to swap, why not go the entire way. The only content you are removing is annoying swapping of active trophies. Nothing of substance.

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But now we get 5 active trophies, and you want to nerf that to just 3?!?!

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Oh!!! Haha I’ll fix this!

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Yeah no nerfs here. Only sweet sweet QoL and improvements haha.


I was just thinking about that trophy idea the other day, or make it so you can just swap trophies in Bio page, any thing to make it so you don’t have to teleport all over the place to swap things out.


Yeah, that change alone would be a serious QOL update. Also secretly want to show off all of my trophies in my houses for decoration reasons and it feels so limited. The cooking trophy in the kitchen, etc would be pretty cool.

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I have said this in other threads, but they need to add useful furniture that is profession related. Like an alchemy table that reduces the weight of arcana items or gives a boost in crafting quantity or a log storage bin for wood working.


I love it! Mind if I add it to the list? I have something on functional furniture items in there, but I really like some of these ideas. I’m wondering if these could be BOP items that would reward training furnishing. I love furnishing and the housing system, definitely think there are ways to improve it but would love to see stuff like this in the game.

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Also fix: kills from bleed,burn,poison doesn’t count as kills in Opr. Even if you hear the satisfactory kill sound. When you press scoreboard. The kill doesn’t count.

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Sure, i like housing stuff as well and i just want more useful items.

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Yeah definitely an important one. If I listed everything this post would be huge haha. I know it’s limited but kinda focused on some long-standing ones or ones that break immersion from the game. For instance the aptitude chests in instanced areas. Every time that happens it’s a loud reminder that the game has some significant bugs. While the smaller ones can hide and be more subtle. That one I’m thinking is new so they had removed downs from the game and might even be intended to try and give credit to whoever hit the person instead of always to the person with the most bleeds/burns. Not that I agree with it, but could be an explanation? The sound definitely a bug though.

I try and come back here and write one down when I encounter a big one. Like the other day I was like, why an I avoiding that massive chest of loot. Oh it’s an alchemy stockpile that gives 4 motes… That it iron arrows from lvl 66 elite chests when intended to be orichalcum. Also the importance of the bugs are all skewed through my opinion which I try and disclaimer at the top.

Cleaning up some of my wording and adding things as I think of them. Feel free to ask if something doesn’t make sense or argue for or against any of these ideas

No thanks on this one. It would just become annoying after the first 5 minutes once the cuteness of immersion wears off.

Skins are enough to monetize in this aspect. All they need to do is create better skins and not all clown suits. Transmog should allow us to transmog anything in game freely even if it costs in game gold or azoth. Even if I have to one time pay to unlock the feature I am ok with that. I don’t want to pay every single time I want to transmog differently though.

Also don’t care for the run speed buff part. Just add horses already.

So what you are saying is have it so the cacti have the ability to move and follow your heat signature? Wahahaha. What about very miniscule damage? I’m honestly thinking the equivalent of punches in this game which is like 4-6 damage? Maybe a poison DoT of 3 damage a second for 10 seconds? So 30 damage? I know it sounds dumb but small things like this really do add up and add to the immersion. Which I think this game really excels in that department, well has the potential at least. Just a small thing as we see more and more diverse flora, animals, and mobs added to the game. Each feeling unique and not just a turkey reskinned haha. Which I appreciate them even doing that, but it would be cool to really make each interaction with an animal/plant/mob just feel different.

Any thoughts on that, or still against the idea?

I totally agree with you here. I just wish they had some skins that felt worth buying at this point.

I personally wouldn’t mind a transmog system where we had to keep spending money each time we wanted to convert something into a skin, the devs need to make money and sustain the game if it’s not a subscription. Especially for something cosmetic and not mandatory, but totally understand not everyone is on this page so this is great feedback.

Actually I do like that idea though, perhaps make it somewhat expensive (not outrageous) but you could spend in-game gold to transmog an armor piece. It would remove the gold from the game and could function as a money sink to combat inflation. This then makes it so there is no requirement to buy it in the in-game shop.

Any thoughts on that?

Finally, idk I really like the QoL of moving faster on roads I just think it should actually function as it’s intended. Right now you get the same buff using weapon skills most of the time, you also move faster cutting corners and moving off the roads, etc. Even if it’s a 15% speed boost or 20% it would likely feel right. I just know that it needs to be balanced for PVP. So making the increase unflagged and ramp up over time, might help fix that.

I mean I guess I am just not as wrapped into immersion as you are. I get it though. To me it would be an annoyance. I guess it depends on how many and how often I would be running through them. The animal thing and such Im not against. I was speaking just on the cacti and damage thing. I do a lot of trolling through the woods so it sounds like Id be running through them a lot lol and that would get annoying fast. Just like its annoying to me I have to constantly run around water in reek water rather than being able to go through it without drowning or slogging though at super slow walk speed.

Transmog seems like a system they could either add to a paid expansion like the desert update or as an individual system that can be one time purchased. There are a lot of people that like to regularly change their look and if they had to spend money every single time that can be pretty expensive and a turn off. When I think transmog, I think WoW. I think that’s the perfect system.

As for having to make money because no sub fee, I totally get that. I want to spend money to support them but their skins are always too ugly for me. Also they could make a killing on mount skins hint hint. Other things like servers… the up coming paid transfers, they could do paid name changes, faction reset, more storage space, unlock alt on same server, maybe even unlock the ability to own a fourth house or something. I think there are a lot of things they could do that most people would be ok with.

Yeah, I’m not against that really. I just want mounts haha. Its not just for a little run speed… that’s the kind of immersion thing I do get into. Give me horsies. Give me a travel wagon that I can have like my own auction house in and travel town to town selling my goods lol.

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By the way, great thread. Forums need more of this well put together feedback type threads.

I have tons of ideas but I don’t really format and put them so well together like this.