With 80% playerbase loss - its time to bring back Full loot?

Down to 230k from 900ish.


And people were complaining that “if we bring back full loot PVP - 80% of players will quit!!!1 as its so niche!”

Well I think we’re at a point where we’ve already lost 80% and can we now please have full loot back?

Also at this point full loot will very likely bring back more players and organically (read the keyword) fix majority of the issues on the servers;

  1. Bots (all bots will get annihilated),
  2. Item duping (duped armor, voidbent, etc, will drop on death and slowly decay away, if item trashing on death works)
  3. Messed up economy stemming from bots and duped gear/gold.

Full loot will also make low level items (like little “weak” mana potions, and lvl 20-40 gear) relevant and have value again, as you can use that to “PVP on the cheap”. In current iteration of the game, most items below lvl 60 are alredy useless and trending toward 0.01 price marks…

Oh - just please introduce safe areas, where people cannot be ganked (like the newbie starter zone, etc…), every mature full loot PVP MMO has that.


I’m sorry but full loot doesn’t solve the issues in the slightest.

You would just see everyone exploiting hatchet and going around killing each other. There are so many PvP related exploits that many have just stop playing OPR and WARs, I couldn’t imagine full loot/open pvp right now being even slightly enjoyable.


thinks that full loot would improve this situation


Riiiight PvP police to the rescue. What a … … …


Isn’t that exactly, why full-loot-pvp doesn’t work? because all you get is hordes of naked murder hobos.


Until the absurd amount of PvP exploits are fixed I think it’s better we don’t add a risk to PvP :slight_smile:


I don’t know what bubble people live in these days. But, full pvp loot is just going to bleed out more people.


230k at 830am Monday morning in US East, only early afternoon in EU, and US West is in bed. Not really representative numbers. The playerbase is smaller, yes, but it’s distortive to compare the low point on a given day with the highest ever point. It’s around a 55-70% drop, which is still a lot, but not 80% unless you cherry pick the time like you did.

Having said that, full loot would drop the population below 50k at peak times.


I dont think that would solve the problem. But maybe adding decay to crafted consumables within reason will slowly weed it out. Also, forced pvp is not an answer either. I think any of the 3 unclaimable zones should have pvp forced. But the lower levels it would be counter productive. It serves no purpose to have 60’s grieving lower levels other then to chase players away from the game. And BRING BACK MURDER FLAG! KIll a player much lower then you… and you get flagged to be killed by anyone. Was a great system back in the original beta 18 months ago.




i love this clickbaits :smiley:



player count is down on a Monday morning. Imagine that? Not like people are at work.


Imagine wanting to see the game die so much, that after a 80% los of players, one suggest an idea which would cause the rest 20% to quit aswell LMAO


OP is kicking a dead horse and trying to sneak bring back the most unpopular feature to this game.


in germany its a holiday - at least in 5 of 16 states :smiley:


No, that would bring more light to the issue (now that PVP would again - become the focus of the game) and get them fixed faster.

They won’t have to focus on fixing broken economy or bots or duping - as none of that would no longer be relevant or be an issue with full loot (as I explained, and as you faield to read - full loot fixes a lot of issues organically).

DEVs would have all these freed up resources to focus on balancing combat and PVP, instead of BS issues like bots and/or duping.


you clearly never experienced a game where economy and fool loot go hand in hand and work amazingly well…


yeah except that all teh DEV resources would get freed up to focus on combat/PVP based bugs as they no longer would be tied up with BS issues like bots and/or duping.

Its a natural cure for majority of the issues - that would greatly speed up the combat/PVP balance in the game by greatly freeing up DEV resources.

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its always 5 o’clock somewhere…

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