With 80% playerbase loss - its time to bring back Full loot?

full loot in a game that has more bugs than an ant hill?


Yeah let’s get real

I’m sure everyone would love a full loot system after they get 3 hit by a hatchet and lose all their shit

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you must have missed the other post I made earlier this morning:

and comparing overall high is one way to look at data. To make a point that is. Also the 404k number was including higher numbers from the weekend play. We can average that out between the 200k and 400k to 300k-ish. But we should not be getting “caught up” on the granular semantics of numbers themselves.

My screenshot was there to make a point - that is to show a data trend. Especially to those who claimed that 80% playerbase would quit, as full loot PVP is “niche”. Welp, 100k to 200k is starting to look like a “niche” compared to 900k.

My tongue-in-cheek question was → Can we have the “niche” full loot PVP gameplay now, that we’re approaching the “niche” numbers collectively agreed upon by the community for such full loot PVP gameplay?

Not necessarily MMO can be about story and environment- FFXIV and FFXI are the prime examples. You may argue they are not Massively Multiplayer (MORPG then?), but it goers to show that “tension” amongst players is not always needed. Accidentally these games also never lost playerbase (i.e. got rotten to the core) - FFXI is having its 20 years anniversary next year and it still has more daily logins than your favorite EVE online.

And they remained largely unknown to 99% of people until EQ and WOW made it accessible for the masses. Thats my point. Without majority even knowing what an MMO is there wouldn’t have been plethora of indie devs trying to build your favorite gankbox MMOs

You are mixing up entertainment and jobs. In entertainment there is no concept of low effort low rewards because people are paying for it rather than expecting payment in return. See the difference? Also your concept (“high skill = high reward”) is deeply flawed yet again (unfortunately) - in real world you can have insanely high skill but abysmal reward if market doesn’t require your skillset, and conversely you can have comparatively low skill but high reward if your skillset is in high demand.

I specifically brought this example as a hobby not as a business. You are mixing up these two.

What you mean to say is that the 80% of worlds wealth gets appropriated by 20% of people… or more like 1%.
But this is a wrong venue to debate politics, all I am going to say is that social Darwinism/ Ayn Randism and their adepts have been thoroughly debunked by scientific community multiple times, so I consider these concepts to be of same value as ant-vaxxers and the “earth is flat” community.

Totally true if your client base is tiered. Totally wrong if it is single tier.
For an airline this is true. For a supermarket this is false.

Just because a couple thousand people know how to avoid toxic ganking clans, doesn’t mean the rest hundred thousands are going to want to learn it. That is your experience in albion, from the eyes of someone that just wants to play an MMORPG without losing their shit to 15 people roaming the open world, that isn’t fun.

You have all the right in the world to ask for this, if this is your cup of tea, but don’t assume that player base is going to rise along with it, it will dwindle to the hardcore few, and it will be a fight between a couple of hardcore clans, along with the remaining minority of average gamers that use their 1 hour a day free time gathering supplies.

The majority would like to be able to show off their achievements and armors and high quality weapons, rather than compromising on quality gear just to expect to get ganked and butt f**cked by the hardcore no lifers.

Ganking a gatherer takes no skill, not in this game, numbers win in this game, most likely you will get perma stunned and get robbed everytime, and that will not change even if they adjust skill times and effect times.

As I read your answers to all the replies here, “fact of life in everything” is a total bs. No one comes here to get ruined by a group of people, THIS specific playstyle, is a very specific playstyle, if you are good at it, more power to you, but majority does not want to bother, or try to learn to get better and better, or simply don’t have time to compete with those people.

I support having SERVERS that has pvp open by default, but change the whole game to open world full loot? F*** no.

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Data IS important, data must be looked at before decisions are made, go ahead, and make a little poll somewhere and post a link where everyone can see, so we can learn how many of the people that currently play the game are interested in the full loot, and yes, EXTREMELY niche, design.


I’m replying to your OP. As I said, the peak players don’t necessarily represent player loss, because it’s only measuring concurrency, not total active players. You can’t infer an 80% player base loss from this, it could in theory be an approximately same number of total players, with each player simply playing less hours per day and less days per week, leading to less overlap of players and less peak numbers. Although in reality it’s bound to be some mixture of both that and some players leaving.

Anyway the logic doesn’t follow. You can’t compare niche numbers of people who want full loot to what you call the “niche” numbers that is the current player base. There’s no reason to think that the people who are remaining are going to be disproportionately in favour of full loot PvP, so whatever you think the player base is now, a full loot PvP system would certain drive even the majority of those players away.

Full loot PvP on a big budget game and a big studio like AGS is not financially viable. Which is why they moved away from that during development.

Also to follow up on what @Bars said about risk vs reward. This was my initial feedback in the beta discussions about full loot and PvP always on, as well as stagger in combat. Risk vs reward is an amazing feel good system for the good players who can master the game and get rewarded for doing that. But skill/competency at games is not distributed equally among players, most players cluster around the mean average and only a few sit near the top who can dominate. Those people take a disproportionate amount of the reward. So for the vast majority of players it’s primarily just risk and loss which is a miserable experience and hence why people avoid it.

This is absolutely an unpopular opinion but I agree with you. I still play the game because the combat is fun, but I would much rather prefer a full loot pvp game with force flag as the game was intended initially.

The issues you mentioned would get fixed and it just allows for a much healthier game economy overall. Anyways, I know most people will disagree with this, but an option is to have a server that offers this, or even a zone in game that offers this.

At the very least have force flag pvp in the high level zones. In my experience, there are PVE’rs that are just as toxic as the PVPers when it comes to their resources. I have had multiple occasions of unflagged players stealing my resources by pulling mobs onto me and having their buddy jump on the node as I get attacked. Also, PVE’rs running dungeons who kick you, or get toxic when you don’t know dungeon bosses ability mechanics and rotations. Sorry I didn’t know the mob disappears sprinkles some dust in the air and one shots me! This is actually no mob that does this but you get the point.

My point is PVE’rs can be just as toxic as PVP’rs in their own way. You have no idea how many times people have conned me out of resources using some cheese mechanic with no risk. Also, I realize the majority of players don’t like PVP like I do, but it just seems ridiculous how entitled they are as the majority to influence the game and push out every possible way that pvpers can enjoy the game. There are ways to offer both playstyles in the same game, and ideally, a mix of safe, and danger zones, force flag zones, and even a full loot zone, would make this game 10x more enjoyable for me. I know I am in the minority, but I also know there are a lot of players who would enjoy this as well.

Anyways, I hope things get worked out, and AGS realizes that they can build a game that offers the best of both worlds for all players, and not just cater to PVE’rs, who I believe will get bored of the PVE anyways since it isn’t that great in this game.

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Ever notice that there are no full loot PvP games that get a large player base? Full loot would kill this game completely. I think it would be cool to see random loot drops from PvP kills maybe gear that adds damage against players or something like that but not loot from the player killed.

Also look at that graph. It’s steady. That’s good. Look at charts for other popular games and you will see the same thing.

Full loot PvP with gear having a 50% chance to break is a fantastic idea. It makes resource gathering and crafting actually meaningful and creates a thriving economy.
All the care bears who are objecting and creating scenarios in their heads of how this doesn’t work, haven’t played many MMOs.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people are enjoying this on Albion Online.

New World is dead compared to Albion Online.


Albion online is absolutely popping off dude. Just log in and see for yourself.

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OP fails at statistics.

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I would say it is more likely people are taking a break until things are fixed, rather than losing all of those heads that you claim the game has lost


I find it interesting and funny that it is still only one person defending his dream of full loot, while we can see no one else posting here wants it.

Maybe it is time to give up this nightmare of your dream and move on if you want full loot pvp?

That is one hell of a leap you are doing, OP. You must be quite selfish. You can’t just change a game after launch, to full loot. You clearly aren’t to bright

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Solution is -rollback-

I just changed my Steam review from good to BAD … if people start to do this then MAYBE they will care enough to make proper changes to the game (whatever those may be)… if it becomes fun again I’ll reverse it

Because the only people reading NW forums are still playing…

They should have listened to us.

I started a similar thread back in the first week of New World launch and unfortunately my prediction of the stale economy and dying game would occur.

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Of course it’s down. People are waiting for the bs bugs to patch…