With 80% playerbase loss - its time to bring back Full loot?

imagine you being wrong…

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That’s a good idea, focus all the dev resources on the things with the least potential of improvement! Even if you fix all the combat mechanics, you still have mediocre pvp that can’t hold a candle to arena-combat games like For Honor or Mordhau.

How to waste money 101


now you’re just fishing for… irrelevant comparisons? Did I ever say the game should be like Mordhau? No I did not.

So that comment is irrelevant.

By focusing on full-loot PVP they would organically fix the economy (and get rid of all the bots) plus make duped voidbent ingots (and armor) lose relevance.

All while freeing up DEV resources. Sure - combat won’t be the same as in some other (niche) games… but that has no relevance to the OP.

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The game isn’t a PvP game though, PvP was put as secondary quite a while ago.


Great way to 100% guarantee that only a few Chads in full voidbent with 600GS ever flag or do any PVP activity. Game would die faster than it already is.
As is is, I only log in to level crafting in the hopes that some day things will be balanced. My server is on it’s way down to 100 or so active players.


and what did I propose? Ah exactly - I proposed to make the game PVP focused once again - like it was in alpha and beta.

Nobody is saying that the game is PVP focused right now - and that’s why (in part) we’re having so many issues and hemorrhaging players.

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Your “fix” to the economy would foremost reduce the number of people actually investing time into gathering/crafting to a fraction. Reducing the economy doesn’t fix it!


there won’t be any flagging if it becomes full loot. All full loot games are auto-flag.

The “Chads” would lose their voidbent (as we all know all who cheat - suck at actual gameplay) or be forced to keep it in storage and never take it out into open world (effectively removing/restricting duped gear - organically)

And the crafting that you “log in to level” will actually be more relevant and your goods would be much more profitable to make and sell…

PVPers ruined this much of this game already, so why not all of it, right?


Everyone would just run around in the cheapest to make gear and hunting like hungry wolfes newcomers or the few not having lost all hope, who try to play the game like a decent human being, and they will stop fast.


“reducing the economy” is not even a real concept. But I think I know what you’re trying to go for.

And on the contrary - controlling for how much gets gathered and/or produced (supply) will balance out with the demand - again, organically. Bots hitting nodes 24/7 is not organic btw…

This is basic supply-vs-demand. It will fix things.

you’d be surprised how wrong you are. But yes - take a leap of faith… how much more can get ruined, right?

Just that there won’t be any demand, because (as seen in alpha) the cheapest gear is the most effective, as long as you have numbers. ==> naked Murder hobo gangs, that’s all pvp will be.


Eve Online and Albion Online says that you’re wrong. And you clearly don’t have an understanding of how forced PVP open loot sandbox MMOs work. There are safe zones for newbie players of course.

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Oh god… what a throwback to Last Oasis. That is literally what happened there.


I’ll be the heckler. Get this guy off the stage, he’s horrible at jokes.


Somehow AGS just needs to offer Alpha-servers again, so the delusions just stop!!!

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The company that hasn’t been able to transfer servers yet… 80% less loss, the game should crash as I think

except that won’t work in controlled 20v20 and 50v50 wars…

not to mention if they introduced instanced 5v5s or even 2v2s… like most full loot PVP games do…

OW is a different beast, but even there cheapest gear is not always the best. And “you don’t always have the numbers” - thats the beauty of it…