With Near Universal Approval, It’s Time for PVP Servers

Now that the dust has settled and everyone is starting to realize what an empty shell of a game this is, it’s time to put PVP servers back on the menu!

The argument that PvP servers are not popular in modern gaming has been thoroughly debunked and even the most anti-PVPers are admitting that it’s probably best to separate us.

The time is now. The community wants PVP Servers!


Absolutely agree with this!


“Near universal” lol. Bro nobody likes it, and I say that as a pvper. If you want pvp, ask for pvp game modes. Open world is trash.


Actually open world PvP is fun for a lot of people. Any other opinions you’d like to pass off as fact?


With Near Universal Approval



I love PVP. But, to be honest, if they ever put PVP servers in this game it will literally just be a zerg fest.

Players are already zerging the PVE zones in this game, if they ever made PVP servers, there would be guilds that simply run around the world in groups of 30-50 players, the game would be virtually unplayable for solos and small groups.

What would be the solution to the inevitable zergs?


I have no doubt many people like open world pvp. But this is an mmo, and in mmos pve is king. We pvpers carve out our own tiny niche and it universally happens inside specific game modes.


People that play PvP servers are well aware of the zergs. We welcome them. We will make our own to fight them or we hide in the trees when they pass. Either way, we’re having a good time, which shouldn’t make anyone seethe but psychopaths that don’t like seeing others happy.


Let me stop you right there lol


I just can’t see the server being anything aside this though.

General chat would just be full of “Looking for 20 people to do fishing quest” for every quest in the game because it would be impossible to complete content without being in a massive group. lol

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I think they should put tags for PvP servers on some worlds so people into PvP will gravitate to those servers

With the way the game is set up I think having fully flagged PvP would just be a nightmare in some aspects; it sure would be fairly cool and stuff but imagine some breathing room would be required

The fights at elite zones would be hilarious though

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“Near universal” lol let me stop you right there.


But you didnt. And having a couple exceptions doesn’t make it untrue.

I don’t understand, why can’t we have PvP servers? What does it cost anyone that doesn’t want them? If they think they wont be popular, make one server per region. If it gets full, make another. If it doesn’t fill up then we have the answer.


I’m a PvPer, but don’t speak for me. Faction imbalance will make more people quit than stay on all-PvP servers, you know that, I know that.

No one wants to be ganked by a bunch of sweaty 16 year olds with no jobs when they are harvesting 1hour before work in the morning.


That makes way too much sense, sir. Better just tell us “you think you do but you don’t” over and over again. Didn’t work well for Blizzard, not gonna work for Amazon and PVE babies.

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They should do it but I’m almost positive after the first few weeks the server would struggle to hit 1000 players as this game wasn’t designed for non stop pvp at this point. No one will ever be able to get stuff done as it’s non stop camp respawn fighting. Also sadly the client can’t handle more then 20 people fighting in an area without severe lag.


That’s been true of every PvP server in existence, but life finds a way. Wagies will always get outclassed by NEETs. Get over it. People that play PvP servers (PVPers) know we’re gonna get ganked. We know we’re gonna die (ooooo scary) a lot. We don’t care. We don’t wanna have to search for PvP, when it could be happening everywhere.

What are you so afraid of, Mr. PvPer?

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There’s no searching for pvp when you could just queue for an actual game mode.

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