With the Crafting bug this is the only time Crafting has become worth while

i hope everyone gets cheap bis gear

Hi, Billy. Are you able to detail the specifics of this crafting bug?

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I’ve read: Trophies stacked minor/major and so u crafted save 600 GS items

@Pneuma Trophies of the same type stacked in 1 house

i guess they already replied but people can now put multiple types of the same trophy in one house

ALSO TO EVERYONE THAT READS THIS you can profit from the bug without actually using it by selling minor armoring trophies for 1.5k

Please do something about it fast, reported this 5h ago and saw also a report of this 3-4h before i reported this. Game Breaking crafting exploit - #32 by Maniek62

Man, if I cared enough to make the other trophies this would actually make crafting reasonably enjoyable.

Absolutely, the experience crafters have right now is what should be normal. You have the mats, you have the trophies and gear, you can roll GS600 each timer. It’s still big RNG when you lock only 1 perk! The rolls below GS600 should never be a thing. Take thig bug to your heart AGS and make it normal stuff (GS600 craft on each craft)

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