With the new game update regional transfer

I was reading about the new update coming out with the regional transfer coming out i mained my friend character on the east coast server and with there being only one account on the same server i can not move over all my stuff from my old account to my new account on the west coast server i would have to buy 4 server tokens to transfer my stuff over and i cant play for 4 days because i have 24hrs to buy another one so i have almost a week lose of game play will there be a fix that i can get my stuff off my old account to my new one and both my characters are 60 and 200+ in most skills so don’t think I’m just moving stuff from a high account to another account i will be maining on my west coast server or have it so we can have 2 accounts on the same server so i can just buy one token and get my stuff off my old account i hope this gets to someone thank can help with that or know if there will be a patch that might come out later so i dont have a spend 4 times the money to get my stuff off my old account.

Hello @snow-son and Welcome to the New World Forums.

I understand you would like to have some characters transferred between regions.

At this moment, for you to be able to transfer characters from the NA east region to the NA west, you will need to buy the transfer tokens individually for each character, and wait the 24 hours cool down in order to buy a new one.

Here’s a dedicated FAQ in case someone else needs more information about how transfers work.

By the way, I appreciate the time you took to share that feedback with us, and I’ll make sure to pass it over so the appropriate team can look into it.

If I can help with anything else let me know, and stay safe! :slight_smile:

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