With upcoming merge of free servers AGS NEED to merge other low pop servers too

49 days on dead server. Game is unplayable and hope AGS wont mess this up.

They did said it themself: ˝Yes, we plan to merge free servers after the Steam Free Weekend to ensure healthy world populations.˝

If they are going to pretend 100 peak players is healthy population it will be seriously just sad.

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They made like 15-20 free weekend servers for nearly like every region… What were they expecting a mass influx of 100k? I get they over projected due to the launch date and high queue times…

Literally been on a server where all i can do is farm crafting mats and do a faction quests… No OPR, no War, no Invasions, no Expeditions, and no elite chest runs.

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Same here my friend, it is frustrating.
It almost looks like AGS hate these players on dead servers for some reason.

I did see Orun got unlocked and all restrictions lifted.

Some of the small servers are quite healthy with great communities - I would argue that Pyrallis is one of the best servers to play on. We are starting to see a noticeable number of people transferring back from high population servers.

What is needed is Scaling so that people can play the game regardless of population level.

If you are PVE player sure.
But are there any wars, opr, everything in trading post?
PVP players need these things.

Well, they did it. :slight_smile:

My server has about 500 people. Yes to all of that. They are merging 4 servers into mine. I will probably never see orichalcum again lol.

Same with Yaxche… we have all grown to be a great community. Invasions are always full and majority of them won. Granted we do not have a ton of wars because everyone loves the town owners we have. Our company owning 2 of them. We all come together for OPR. Trading is still going good and farming is easier since it is lower pop… Now we have no idea what the atmosphere of Vahalla will be.

Anyone know what free severs transferred in to where? specially the arcida NU free server?

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