Wonderful Easter Event.. 250 Rabbits / Hour... still didnt got my Chest ( Full Luck )

36 Minutes Easter Event New World.. Don't expect too much.. - YouTube ( new upload, takes a little… )

and this isnt the first day i did this… in fact i allready got 223 sumptous rabbit out of this massacre… without using skinning trophy, food, set etc… btw still didnt got the Chest :rofl:
this Event is too hard, to much rng as u can see by all the topics in the Forum…


My personal suggestion would be, to add another type of “Game Meat”, which u obtain from skinning rabbits, this Game Meat should be BoP and u should be able to exchange 1k or 1.5k for this Chest ( 1x per Player, if the Chest is allready looted u can’t exchange anymore, same flipped around if u bought the Chest u can’t drop it anymore ).
Therefore u need an extra Npc to exchange the Meat.
Might be a little bit to late for now, but u get the Idea. ( Future Events! )

This rewards the Player, who just get lucky and drop the Chest within few kills, and also rewards the Player, who are extremely unlucky, but still have the endurance to farm a lot… :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure, this would atleast leave less frustrated and annoyed Player.


Do not use global luck gear, it is already been stated that luck do not affect the chest drop.

At least using skinning gear reward you will get a lot of sumptuos rabbits.

though it would, since a mod said so

look out at Mod answer, this is one of many post where they answered this.

well these mods dont know what they say or not say i guess… 1 says so, 1 says other… jesus …
but ye guess i stick to my skinning set then.

Yeah the devs have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to luck 80% of the time, in the dev vid they said to whip out the rabbits feet, however, since it doesn’t affect chance of drops and there’s one drop in the loot table it is irrelevant

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Hey Vesstan. I’m sorry for the confusion. But I’ll tell you now that luck does not increase the chances of the chest. I’m sorry you’re having a negative experience with the event and your feedback is valuable to us.

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Such a dumb event. We don’t like farming single mobs for drops AGS… Why not just give everyone a chain quest with killing rabbits in diff zones?

Ya know… it’s not a big deal. You didn’t have to farm rabbits forever.

hope u might be able to change this event a little bit, before it end’s

isnt the world if not, but ye would leave more happy people…^^

Update, after murdering 3k+ rabbits. i finally got it :open_mouth:

Luck is the th8rd most useless perks. Right behind reinforced and beast ward

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