Wont be able to trasnfer to a different region?

Hey, i’ve been playing New World for almost 730 hours on the Us East server because when i started playing i played with a group of friend which all lived in the US and im from the EU.
yes the ping is 150+ and its not great but playable. never was able to do OPR/Invasions/wars tho due to timezones.
but the problem now is that my group is hardly even playing anymore so im just…
stuck on us east server and you guys said “You will only be able to use these tokens within the same region.”
so thats it?

Hello, @MrCow Welcome to our forum community!

I’m happy to share with you the news on this second round of free server transfer token, at the same time I’m sorry to know this is not the outcome you were expecting to get. Recently, we merged worlds in US-East to mitigate the low population of some servers. The idea behind that, was to get more players together and with the free transfer token, give players the opportunity to join friends with outstanding population within the same region. To add to this, the developers analyzed all available data, feedback, etc. and decided that this was the best option at this time. I hope you can understand, we are always open for feedback so please feel free to add your comments in our feedback category as developers are usually looking into those to improve gaming experience to all our players.

I hope this helps and see you in Aeternum! :hugs:

Can you let us know if the regional transfers are coming soon? Would be really nice to get some info on this. They were supposedly coming early 2022. I am also from eu and so are 2 of my friends stuck on us east.

Thank you

Honestly? if they gonna be region locked i might as well just quit… the lags have gotten worse lately and the server population is going down every day

Hello, @bry111 @MrCow

I hope you guys are doing well!

As player I understand your concerns on regional server transfer and lag. Consequently, be sure developers are aware of this situation and they will take proper actions as needed in a timely manner.
Regarding the regional transfer token question, thank you for bringing this topic to our attention @bry111 . As for now, I don’t have new information on this but I’ll make sure to pass feedback to proper team for consideration. I’m sorry this is not the expected outcome and If anything changes, we’ll make sure to update all our players in our Official news category so please don’t forget to check it out regularly. Thank you for your reports and I hope you guys can understand.

See you in Aeternum! :smile:

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Are regional transfers ever going to happen. Just a yes or no is all i ask. Need a straight answer. Then i know if i am wasting my time or not waiting for them.

Considering there’s little to no word on server transfers within a region, and region transfers being a level above that, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon if at all.

i mean. whats even the point to lock the region transfer? like why?
theres literally 0 logic sense

Agreed! we really, really need communication on this.

sad theres no region transfers yet
i stopped playing last week because of the non stop lags since im in the wrong region.
glad the devs not care enough to see their players leave because simple things like these

My guess as to why this is taking so long and isn’t be answered is that the different regions servers have no way to directly communicate with each other so they are trying to figure out how to implement that. Unfortunately though you guys are such a small percentage that it really isn’t top priority. As for the game being unplayable in wars at 150 rtt, that just isn’t true. I live in US West and play on US West at 150 rtt and the gameplay is just fine.

anyway. i already uninstalled the game so meh.
dont see myself coming back at this point

Yeah meh… tired of asking about transfers and getting no reply. I always tried to keep it positive while on the forums becuase i understand there is so much negatively here. 3 months of waiting for region transfers totally killed my love for this game. Sad times because even though it was not perfect, it was a great game. Just got a little tired of waiting now. I log in for my asmo craft each day then back out again. All we need is a yes it will happen or no it wont happen!

yeah all i was doing is just opening casts and logging off. nothing else i could have done

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