Workarounds for Known Issues

Greetings Adventurers!

We’re seeing a lot of people offer advice and workarounds for some of the Known Issues we have on our list so while we are working on full fixes for these items, you can try some of these workarounds!

As always, you can see if the issue you’re experiencing is on our Known Issues List and if there is a workaround, it will be posted here.


Pending Group Invite for Outpost Rush

  1. Invite someone to a group
  2. Have that person accept your invite
  3. Relog (only you and have the other person stay in the group)
  4. Press “O” to leave party

No Map, UI or Sound Effects in Outpost Rush

  1. Restart game


Unable to hear ambient music on beaches

  1. Shut down the game
  2. Verify game files on steam
  3. Restart the game
  4. Reset settings back to default

"**@mm_loginservices_TooManyRequestsException**" error when in queue

  1. When the error pops up, just click OK, then after a few minutes you should get back in queue at the old position

Pressing 'E' does not interact with the environment

Our QA team is currently hunting down the full source of this incredibly frustrating bug, but they did come up with a a workaround that has shown some promise:

To address your ‘E’ key not working correctly

  1. Close the game.
  2. Delete the “savedata” folder in %appdata%/AGS/New World/ (copy that string in File Explorer) - Or C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\AGS\New World (replace with your [UserName] in the path)
  3. Log back in and play with default key binding.
  4. See if it fixes the issue.

My Camera Zooms in when not in Combat or Moving

  1. Talk to an NPC
  2. See if it fixes the issue.