World and Queue Mitigation News

Greetings Adventurers,

We have some important information to share related to our upcoming Brimstone Sands release.

More Worlds

When maintenance concludes on October 18, you will see that we have added new worlds across all regions, please find those details below.

Region World
EU Central Albraca
EU Central Thule (FR/EN)
EU Central Tupia (DE/EN)
US East Heliopolis
US East Barataria
US West Camelot
Australia Agartha
South America Apsu

Queue Mitigations

In addition to the worlds mentioned above, all regions have more worlds on standby in case we see a large influx of returning players. As consistent queues start to form on a world, we will temporarily lock both character creation and transfers to the world. If we are reaching our maximum capacity in a region, we will open the standby worlds to ensure everyone has a world to call home.

Players who created an account from launch until 2022-02-14T23:30:00Z will see at least two free server transfer tokens (unless one or more had been previously used). You can find out if you qualify here: [Notice] Bringing in the Second Round of Server Transfer Tokens. As a reminder, you will only see one server token available at a time in the shop page. We also offer server transfers for $15 USD (or equal amount in other currency).

If you have any questions regarding server transfers, we have an FAQ here: [FAQ] How to Transfer to Another Server or Region

Server Transfer Process for Returning Players

This process is only for any characters that have not logged into their world in over 180 days

For any character that has not been logged into their world in over 180 days, you will be able to take advantage of this new world selection system. To proceed, you will need to choose a new world upon coming back to the game. You may choose from any unlocked worlds and will retain any previous transfer token provided. We’ve included the step by steps on how to proceed:

  1. Launch the game and advance to the Character Selection screen
    You will see “No World” text under your character name if you are eligible to transfer with this process. See screenshot below for an example

  1. Select a world to transfer to

  1. Confirm the world you wish to play in.
    Cancelling returns you back to the world selection page
  2. Proceed into the game as normal

Thank you for your attention! See you in Aeternum.

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