World Boss PvP event - how to make open world pvp great again

TL:DR of my idea.
Server announcement that world boss spawns in specific region where influence task starts and zone turns into PvP zone for that event.
Guilds gather there and guild/raid compsition with the most influence after 30-60 minutes (PvP kills, PvP quests) gets privliege to enter world boss zone and kill it for rare drops.
World boss spawns once per day or few days.
After boss kill zone turns on into regular zone (PvP zone is off) :wink:


This would have negative effect

Every server has 1 dominant faction and 1 very low pop faction…in terms of pvp.

Just the way it is.

The only thing this would do, is to show the population differences among factions even more.

Would be fun if it works as good as it sounds on paper. However, the reality is that it wouldn’t work very well.

You’ll just have 1 faction controlling it majority of the time.

so… World Boss (which is PvE event) forces players to kill each other rather than focus on boss…

It’s kinda funny and ironic when PvP guy tries to suggest something in civilize way but PvE guys comes and deny everything not even mention toxic behaviour.

Who is the worst here
PvP guy who just suggested something
Or Toxic pve guys who are trying to demonize picture of pvp guys but the worst picture of player it is they themselves

Imho you just only show that the best way to punish your toxicity is implement something with PvP features.

No need to argue with people who clearly wants to stay safe everywhere but also spread their toxicity without punishments or any challenges.

You got energy and ambition to spread flame and toxicity but when it comes to PvP you run or deny. Lmao.


Nailed it bro… I swear they are on every thread where pvp is discussed. Only argument they bring up is toxicity coming from pvpers while the only toxic shit comes from pve players who don’t want loose their advantage in game.


Yeah. They are toxic that some people have other expectations. The truth is that more toxicity and spam is caused by PvE community. They just cannot understand that Feedback section is for everyone. So many reactions - dont ya even dare suggest something PvP including insults
PvE community is full of hypocrism. They call everyone griefer only because somebody dared to suggest PvP feature
But the truth is they have more griefers attitude than anyone.
Hate on forum, hate on chat, hate in game because they know there is no danger or punishment.

Attacks, offensive posture, lack of broader vision. Just us, us, us. The truth is that they get a lot more than the PvP community anyway. You give the finger, they’ll want to take the hand.
Some people are like…
A cloud of malcontents that contributes nothing but merely negating the ideas of others or trying to remake everything to suit themselves :roll_eyes:


Some people enjoy PvX → PvPvE content, so i dont see how is that a problem for pure PvE players, More variety of content is usually good.

For example in albion there are Hell gates and corrupted dungeons, which are PvPvE content, you are fighting against bosses and players for good rewards and it is received very very well by the community. Hell gates are 2v2 /5v5 while corrupted dungeons focus more on solo/1v1.

In hell gates 2 groups of 2 or 5 people join a dungeon in which they fight with each other the group which wins the fight then can finish the hell gate by killing the bosses in it and claim the loot from it.

In corrupted dungeons you go to fight mobs and bosses for loot but you can be invaded by another player , you have 2 option either fight the other person or destroy crystals in the dungeon to banish that person without fighting him its quite good mixture of PvE and PvP and its very very fun.

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Do not forget tons of players are PvX and love both. That kind of idea seems like a good symbiose and always more content is better for the game :wink:

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