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I mentioned this in a comment but wanted to see if this could reach the devs as a potential idea for future content. I watched the YouTube video of the giant mobs spawning on ptr and it got me thinking of how you could implement these giant mobs / world bosses in the game. I believe I have come up with a system that utilizes systems already in the game to create new exciting Experiences for the players.

There is currently a system for corruption spread in a territory related to the portals in a territory. We should use this system in elite zones with elite chests (places like myrkgard, imperial palace, eternal pools, etc.) and if the players on the server are able to drive the corruption levels down far enough, it will trigger the world boss spawn in that territory. An example would be in shattered mountain: if you are able to drive the corruption level low enough by taking out portals in the territory, then a world boss Thorpe mob will spawn in one of the former portal locations inside myrkgard. In great cleave, if you do the same in that territory it would spawn a world boss that would be a high priest oseguera ( the priest at the end of mangled heights). If you do the same in reekwater, it will have a world boss of an elite mob from that territory.

What this will do is encourage the server to band together and defeat the portals, providing different activities for people to do that players generally don’t bother with. Players would also be able to control when these spawn, which location the world boss spawns and the specific world boss they want to spawn as well (I imagine the world boss in a territory would only be a choice between 2-3 elite mobs exclusive to that zone).

You can also introduce this mechanic with a short cutscene similar to the one at the end of the tempest expedition. Have a brief explanation about how the corrupted are driving up their forces in response to the players’ recent success against invasions (since people seem to be winning these regularly) and they are now driving up their forces to fight back. To add onto this, I’d like to see a little bump in difficulty for the level 65 portals to reflect this. Maybe bump all the mobs levels by 1 so more geared players will be needed to fight back against these more formidable foes.

To give more incentive for players to participate in portals, I’d add drops that would give unique corrupted items, materia, unique housing item drops, etc. most people will be in a large group of people going through these zones anyone for elite chests so getting a server wide raid group for the world boss wouldn’t be difficult in these areas.


Hello @Flexv,

“Player-determined” world bosses are a really good idea! I’ll share your suggestion with the dev team.

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This, sounds like an amazing suggestion on the existing corruption portal system, I do hope ASG devs take this suggestion and input an great new world boss:es events.

Please devs dont copypaste an existing mob out in the world into an huge elite world boss, like turkulon.
That will make the total event get more unintressting and “oh god, they copypaste it yet again”.

Awesome suggestion!

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I like the idea, but also would a bit balance corruption portal on the map, they can be killed too fast, without killing all monsters, so sometimes it’s hard to run from 1 to another fast enough, because 1 player may close it super fast. So i would like them to don’t be possible to close so fast, but also do not respawn that fast after it’s closed. That black area is so bad for people who trying to farm resources on the area… Killing them all, and then pop up almost straight after it’s bad.

I agree, its solo-able mostly in low leveled area does make it hard to be able to join and one time when I was at an corrupted portal, an level 60 message me “So you want free corruption loot? I will not close it so get free loot”.
Corrupted portals reward are not so usefull other then get material for orbs, which will be remove in next patch.
Not even anyone ask ingame chat for people to deal with corruption portals anymore, at launch there was many ask for groups/more players to deal with them.
Now many are level 60 and corruption portals might need an update and hard mode content.

Love the idea of players being able to work together to trigger the world boss to spawn. I hope AGS implement your concept :smiley:

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World boss. This is amazinggg.i want this

When everyone was leveling shortly after release I remember portal runs were such a big thing people did to increase their levels, get a lot of azoth and also some decent loot. You never see it much anymore and that sucks. I feel like it should have more of an impact on the world since the corrupted are attacking all the settlements and messing up the local area with the portals. We as players don’t feel that impact outside of invasions which are just inevitable and players just avoid the portals when traveling.

I believe I remember in one of the dev videos from a while back they talked about having dynamic events happen in the world that players have to react to and I thought they may have mentioned something about the portals but it hasn’t been brought up since then.

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