World first Track 100, PvP legend

Good day casuals, before we start this topic,as a PVP Legend, would love to say that one day guys, you will reach this level, but of course it will happen after u finish ur another thread on a forum. See you guys in game,and don’t forget,we all here to play game and have fun.Love you all,time to sleep :wink:


Good iob, now go out and get a girlfriend.

PST… Also you aren’t a pvp legend, the titles have nothing to do with skill and just Time invested, you choose to no life the game and probably fort trade then went to great cleave. You sound more like a pver… but anyways go get that girl!


Dam boy u must have sweated that great cleave train.

The 26 people that liked this know what Im on about.


I’m playing computer games bro, I don’t really have a time for a girlfriend since I’m not a 200 pvp track :innocent:

And unfortunately u wrong,if u go to menu with achievements, u will see that it’s written “pvp” legend, not pve legend, I can tell u that I did 0 forts trade, but of course u will find something to say to protect ur opinion,but that’s ok my bronze forum warrior


Well we appreciate your honesty! Probably for the best.

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That is exactly why companies video games have to put a CAP to CAP these no life people that end content that supposed to take few month to realise !

CAP humanity behavior or get Chaos and Destruction, that s pretty what we got in New World … Running simulator with bunch of sheepppples running around ^^

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It’s amazing to know that CAP are made to protect casual players to not see an a hard taken title, love the way u think

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It doesn’t need a cap, who gives a hoot that he no life’s the game. He will have nothing to do in 3 days when he gets 200 and will be crying no content.


After level 200( which will be minimum in 5 days ) there is achievements to do 1k win on arena, there is depth m1-m10, there is a x2 event soon, there is a lot of things to do if you really play the game

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He run, and run and run and run… :smiley:
Good Job my Friend :slight_smile:


You get anything good?

I’m wondering who asked.

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Not at all, I love grind, but I’m not lucky, I get first amulet on level 50, I think it will explain a lot

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Unfortunately the only thing the pvp track proves is that you ran a lot of pve-like missions in great cleave. No one will be impressed by pvp level. Too bad they botched its meaning.


Exactly. It has very little to do with skill and achievements. Just literally time invested. Eventually everyone will become a pvp legend


I bet you are a treat at parties.

Community need to know who’s a first pvp legend in New World

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Way to go. Grind king for sure.

how do you feel about the loot in the later tracks?

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u triggered a lot of ppl lol


Absolutely agree, one day everybody will become a pvp legend, but unfortunately there only one who reach this high level first