World first Track 100, PvP legend

Guys from mobile games where u can pay 100 baks to grow up ur farm faster always upset, that not a problem, sometimes need to show them what mean a real gamer, cos it’s look like they don’t know

After level 20 same drop, it’s just about how lucky u are, ofc as more u try as more u get, but I’m not suggesting to grind it, just have fun and do pvp

( do not grind after lvl20 )


Thanks for the tip

Honestly there’s probably more people that have done this that aren’t on the forums, but they’re unknowns.

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the real thing that’s triggering me here is the lack of a filled out track so we can see what cool shit is in tier 100.


It was a rhethorical question. Nobody cares about you running Pseudo PvPvE Missions over and over until you eventually go back to unflagging indefinitely, decorating your little cute house in Ebonscale Reach and talk to your roleplaying friends on discord. You’re anything but a PvP legend.


i feel personally attacked by this some how.


I’m thinking the same to be honest, my play style was kind of casual so it could be

More than likely, you’re not the first. There are probably other players already at 100 who used GC but aren’t going to announce to the world because technically it’s a hot topic right now on whether or not it should be considered exploitation. And it would be a real shame if AGS decides to Ban everyone who is maxing the track quickly.

But I mean congratulations? On Making a condescending post intentionally seeking to provoke the casual community which HC gamers try to coexist with. Congratulations on trying to flex on people who have day jobs, husbands, wives, children, lives, hobbies, & responsibilities outside of sitting down to play in a virtual world for a few hours.


I understand that u don’t care, I guess that’s why u are here spending ur time to explain us that u don’t care. But the good thing about that, now u know who is an RP player, and who is a gamer.

U always welcome, and before u continue with explanation that it’s an exploit look on ur world map, see how many quests u didn’t do, and just remind ur self how u were using a town board

unfortunately you only lie to yourself, PVP legend for running you know where and your very image gives you away XD, you ran 100 times or a few less to get there, surely on a server with no population XD, you ran for hours without stopping.
If you thought they would admire you, you’re wrong, you’re just an empty title XD.

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I think that a little bit more then 100 runs,not really sure about that, mb person with bronze rank know better

Also I don’t think that u saying a truth, cos as it written on my title that I am a PVP Legend.

I thought that it’s doesn’t matter which lvl u are cos obviously it’s really not changing game at all, it’s only about title,but the way how people get stress cos of simple title, guys come on

Regarding low pop server, yes I used low pop server to speed up my process of reaching lvl 100, I think that if u will have a 2 roads and one will be shorter then other u will go to short and faster way, don’t u?

did u really opened a topic for this? after flexing it in game too? man ure funny aahahah


I can tell even more, I went to barri and dry tree, to let community know, and speed them up a little

congratulations :partying_face:

Flexing you spent hours running around great cleave. Weird

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So funny when somebody seriously thinks everybody is going to be impressed by earning a meaningless PvP title that everybody knows you got exclusively through doing PvE Quests anyways, even paying to transfer to a dead server to speed up the process, and then it just completely backfires.

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I do pve content but I say congrats. To me it doesn’t matter if you’re a ‘sweaty’ by others standards, as long as you’re having fun but honestly…you knew this would get you slammed on by the pvp’ers and others as well. This post while entertaining to read and I do say congrats on the achievement…it’s still a lightning rod post for drama


Congratulations. Now, can you tell us how the rewards are after level 20? Do you get legendaries other than the named stuff? What are some of the best pieces you got?

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