World first Track 100, PvP legend

How do you know you are first? Did you get a special title?

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grats but you sound snoody in your completion.

My guy, pass those scripts over!

What does improve with level 20 tho? I got my Champions Ring on PvP Track 18 and I don’t really feel like going on.

Imagine calling himself pvp player when all he did was stand in fort and collect chests llullz


Lmao y’all salty AF in these replies.

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oof, the hatarade u have been drinking all day is just oozing out!

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That’s what she said

Lol you know he just ran GC missions. He has basically no Azoth Salt. Im just shy of 50, done by killing players only and maybe a couple of arenas, and am almost always capped on Salt and buy every tier.

I mean you either have ran these missions on a dead server, unhindered, for 15+ hours a day since patch or boosted with companies/friends trading kills. Actual pvp, you run out of players with fresh xp/salt to kill if there is too many players fighting/dying.

Lolz ,no life feral.

Show picture of your 3v3 progress :joy:

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Congrats I guess, but what’s the rush?

So, what happens with the Tracks now, when you keep gaining xp? Do you get some additional ranks, like in crafting? Do you keep getting rewards and it just keeps looping?

It’s funny but nobody will convince you about the fact it’s just a running simulator. Lots of peeps tried to transform a donkey into a racing stallion, unfortunately, they failed 100%. Far from me the idea to say you’re a donkey, that’s not the purpose and i’m used to respect every player.
But let’s be honest, you ran days & nights as it seems you’re a ‘hardcore player’, and you looped all these very complicated missions retrieve assets, farm 5 chests, occupy territory for 1mn30.

Running, jumping some cliffs and clicking so much in such a rapid amount of time, you’re a virtual triathlet.

I do agree with a lot of players here, the title is not correct, as it’s impossible to have this level if you only did winning fights in arenas in the same amount of time. So just a question of semantics. You’re a Runner Legend, may be the first.

In background, what i do like with with patch is that groups of players truly fight around missions areas and that’s so good :slight_smile:

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Not on our server. Everyone just does the Greart Cleave train. Ocasionally some chap or a small group will try to gank, but they get pushed out rather quickly.

Brilliant! I see you in def_metal stream when your were at 80ish! Well done my man, screw the haters!

Nice bro,

You can add this great achievement to your CV :smiley: .

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Hahhahahahbahha legend and 10 arena game :smile: :smile: