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@Luxendra I know you guys’ mentioned this is something that you guys want to do, and that its “on the Horizon” but it would be better to have a better timeline of when it will happen.
My main question I think for the Devs is, what are the deciding factors for a server to be merged, and if two do get merged, how will you decide which company gets to keep their land claim and why. And how will you compensate the companies who lost their land due to it who spend thousands in upgrades and hours and hours in war defending it against others in war? Will it be the city who has the most upgrades? Who make the most income? The bigger server, even if that means some cities are undeveloped than others?
There are many questions that seem to be unanswered and worry a lot of the people on my server as we are considered a low population server and have been fighting to keep our land claims as hard as we can against many of the companies who try to declare on us and dumped so much money into upgrades and into a city that could potentially be lost to forces that are out of our control.


@Luxendra @Kay ?

When is something being offically announced?

I dont dare move away from my current server(pointland-EU), since Im pretty sure that when servers merges happen, it will cause other population problems.
But its pretty unplayable at Pointland atm. - no pvp, no groups for 60 expeditions, crafting stations decay, no economy, no outpost rush, no active companies with more than 5 members, no bots, no goldsellers etc. etc.

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We don’t have an official timeline for this at the moment. We’ll share more information about this when we have them!

Guys, Server merges are weeks, if not months away. They barely have a free paid test of their individual character transfers. Stop asking for them. Every inane thing you ask for delays the actual content from coming out.

Believe me when I tell you the multi-billion dollar server hosting company does not need your high school educated opinion on when to make major server infrastructure changes.

Luxendra you are a saint for giving this even a moment of your time.

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Yes, because asking a question to the devs and getting a response from a GM is inane. Please go on and tell me how a community manager doing their job by responding to questions from the community delays the devs from producing the actual content that’s rolling out on the test server? I’d really like to know.

Believe me when I tell you that nobody needs you acting all high and mighty on somebody trying to get some answers for things they and others on their server are concerned about and acting like they are the bane of game development and wasting everybody else’s time.

I’m quite glad Luxendra responded, It’s always nice to get a response from a GM even if it’s the same thing we’ve heard, but at least you know as a person that somebody saw it. There’s no need to act like they’re a saint for doing their job though, that’s just pretentious.


That’s why they published such a masterpiece of a game


Game becomes unplayable time after time.

First we got exploits, then we get dupers, then we get dead game. Cant migrate btw.


The OP didn’t just asked for a timeline. He/she also asked about how the merge works, but the GM replied with “we dont have a timeline” thats it. This proves that they are FAR from ready. If they’re close to ready they should have some idea what merge rules will be like. THEY REALLY need to let us know how the merge works. Because of all the faction and town balances. They should ask the PEOPLE for ideas. Not working on it silently then release a patch note without discussing with the ppl. People will complain about the merge system. They definitely will. They should really look into asking the people who are suffering in these low pop servers for more ideas.


I’m just wondering wasn’t the tech for server mergers/phasing/linking (what ever it was called then) tested during the beta cycles? I thought it was and the feedback was it worked fine. If thats the case i wish we see it sooner then later.

Playing on Yama 276 players online last night down from 600 last Wednesday night peak, if the trend continues as it has the past week we might be sub 100 by mid next week.

Did you or somebody of the dev team try to play themselves after lvl 60?

Please create an account and try to play without great axe and heavy armor. Just have fun.
Then tell your collegues about your feelings.
I trust this game is not gamers for gamers and that is the root of all problems.
Just log in and try different stuff in pvp. Really. Do you need an account cuz your boss doesn’t give it to you and you don’t want to buy? Take mine.

It looks like the developer team gets informations from some channel that strongly distort it.
I really want some people from the developers team to try their product. As it is the best way to understanding why it doesn’t work as the designers thought.

Hope it’s soon, your game is dying. Tick tock. Invasions make low population servers unsustainable. Some of us will not transfer because we’ve been down this road before and know where it leads.

My server’s gone from 1300 peak to 500 peak in just over 9 days and all the chat is full of is “dead game.”

That crap spreads like a plague. Kind of like free/paid transfers destroy MMOs.

Man we are drowning here and shouting for a life belt.

I don’t care how - but it is only one usable weapon in pvp. Ofc you can try every. But if you want to be effective - it’s only one. Ask devs how did it happen.

Yeah the who will keep the territory claim is the thing I’m curious about honestly

Ok. May be. I am not loging in for some time as I am waiting an annoncement that they have fixed lots of stuff. No mater what is the actual meta. The idea is to let the devs try their own product to make them understand how it works in reality.

I fully understand that such a feature as merging servers needs to be tested and it will take some time to have it tested and working. However, we do have another solution that has been tested and is working for most of the players. The transfer token. Amazon Games have been promising us a 2nd round of free tokens, where needed. They have been saying “soon” for a few weeks now. We still don’t know Amazon’s definition of “soon”.

I also understand that you guys want to give everyone the option to use their first token. However, you’re losing a lot of players because of dead servers right now. Giving people that already used their first token (like me) another token, would be the fastest solution.
I can already expect some questions like: Why did you transfer to a dead server? Let me answer that for you.

I started playing this game a week later than the official release date. My friends started at the official release date. At the time of choosing a server, the server my friends were in was already full. Since New World promised free world transfers, I went on to another server. Playing alone for almost a month. As soon as the free world transfer was a thing, I took the opportunity and transferred to my friends server. Which was, at that time, well crowded. Around 800-1000 players. Two weeks later, when the world transfer issues were resolved, everyone started transferring. Leaving our server with just 50 people online.

I was forced by Amazon to play on another server than my friends. Then I felt obligated to transfer to a server where my friends were in. Because playing an MMO alone, is not fun. Now I am forced by Amazon to just farm on this server, because finding a group for an elite run or expedition TAKES HOURS.

Come on Amazon, you already have the code for tokens. If you can not merge at this time it’s fine. Just give “dead servers” another token! It worked already for me, small chance that it won’t work this time.

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