World PvP Gypsum/Umbral GD

Adding Gypsum for PvP kills would be really cool. Similar to the PvP mission drops, you could trade 5 kills for a Gypsum orb.

There should also be a system for getting Umbral from PvP. I have an idea where you add control points in the factionless zones that reset every hour. If you control the zone and are currently located in the designated area upon reset, then you earn a moderate amount of Umbral Shards. This would capitalize on the PvP aspect of the game and give PvP focused players a way to progress expertise and gear score.

Going a little further on this last point, it would be cool to have something similar for resources. For example, capturing a designated mine and holding it upon reset to get access to a chest which provide mining resources.


I know there are two types of players people like to pvp and people who like to pve. I am a person who likes to do small scale pvp and take pride in skillful combat and being better than the next person and also a person who decided to play this game cuz how unique it is compared to other mmo’s when it comes to open world pvp.

I support the OP’s idea but would like to add more to it.

I’d like to see something like Gleamite Meteor they did for winter event and have it drop on random location every time, where you can maybe loot shards from them and have to be flagged to do so. This will avoid people camping spots as well cuz the drop will be random location everytime on map.

At the moment OPR is dead on my server even tho its one of the highest pop servers in the region. Open world pvp is non existent and people have this cult of not killing flagged people in elite areas or near dungeons.

Open world resources are plenty and no one give a crap abt harvesting let alone flagged.

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Yes, the open world events idea is great and I know the devs indicated they had positive feedback and wanted to add more of this. For top tier resources I think it would be a great way to add a fun mini event and limit bots.

I’m imagine a meteor impact that transforms trees into Ironwood or causes Wirefiber to sprout.

Adding open world raid bosses that wander the territory would be cool too. A chardis like boss that wanders made completely drop Orichalcum and Void Ore would be cool.

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