World PVP = Removing Factions

Hey Amazon,

I’ve been thinking, do you think it’s time for you guys to remove factions? I think that the companies should be the only sort of faction that should be out there. instead of only being able to fight the other 2 factions the only allies you’d have are people in your own guild. that would make it so much more interesting.


Hello hello @MerloClover. Thank you for your feedback. Interesting idea. You stated you would want the companies to remain. How do you think this would affect gameplay in the long run?

I’m looking forward to the discussion on this idea.


Or kind of alliance company too ! Like a politic map :slight_smile:

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Hey @o-o,

I’ll do my best to condense the idea without sending a novel. after typing this up it turned into a novel sorry i added quick notes in there too. send me back your thoughts on this it would be nice to be challenged on the idea from your perspective.

Also, didn’t reread this sorry if there are any typos or parts that don’t make sense.

Factions currently split the server into thirds (in a perfect world) which makes 33% of the people non-attackable since they’re on your own faction.

However, if you think about it the Companies are factions already. so, we have a faction, within a faction. we can remove the redundant Purple, Green, and Yellow because there haven’t been any direct benefits. (don’t know what’s in the pipeline on your end)

Doing this will allow a more common world pvp battle because unless you’re grouping with your own company chances of you finding someone the fight in the open world will significantly go up. I’m sure your data show that some factions are off-balance which would resolve that.

Faction Vendors could be labeled Company Vendors. and should work in the same way. But, having more quests should be applied to scatter people around so you have a chance of bumping into people that are flagged but not doing pvp quests so there’s land saturation of pvp flagged players.

This will also foster collaboration and clashes between every player and company vs not liking someone or a company on the server but they’re in your faction so there isn’t anything you can do about it.

```````````````````Potential issues``````````````````````

  • fort captures and war bids. tough to say how each guild can gain control and claim a war.
  • hypothetically, can cause grouping chaos for solo players. might make people get frustrated.
  • potential exploits rep/xp farming.


  • Removing the redundancy of a faction within a faction
  • Opening the door to 33% more world PVP. potentially driving in-game engagement.
  • Won’t need to balance factions anymore
  • Rework faction vendors to Company Vendors
  • Company Vendors provide more quests to saturate the map you’re playing on with flagged pvp players
  • Increased Collaboration and new enemies on the social side

I’m not sure what is on the horizon for factions but i don’t think they’re necessary as of now.

you will need to obviously plan how to remove it since doing it all at once would be weird.

these are the steps i would take but I’m not a game developer. i would say this should be done over a 3-month timeline what do you think?

`````````````````Internal Steps``````````````````

  1. Add new faction missions work on getting more pvp quests to run
  2. review data and feedback
  3. Implement a PVP+ option that would allow you to fight people within the same faction. Calibrate it so you cant fight people in your own company though.
  4. review data and feedback | identify and eliminate exploits.
  5. have an in-game release of an event or movie of what’s gone on in the game. (see below for an idea of the narrative)
  6. Event over remove factions

The narrative idea
There has to be a reason. also, we still dont know who the faction leader is so its kinda silly.

first, i believe we need to have some sort of extended “event” which allows us to follow a quest line and ends with some sort of instanced battle with the faction NPC faction army. This is a larger idea but I hope you understand the concept of what I’m trying to say.

the storyline that would fit the narrative of why factions are removed.

```````````````Narrative `````````````````

  • Tention- unending battle for no reason while the faction gains money off the backs of the players
  • Plot - faction missions that require you to work with all factions or going behind the back of your own faction. (Treeson The start of the fall)
  • Action - PVP+ pvp on for everyone including your own faction. (Blatantly betraying your faction)
  • Plot 2 - Quest Line that will lead to the next part
  • Climax - instanced war against your own faction army. Group quest

:clap: Hands down awesome feedback!

Your dedication to this idea is truly astounding. The Developers strive to create a fun and balanced environment. It’s ideas and feedback like this that make a world of difference.

I have passed your feedback along to the Development team for review!

Also, @MatosQc I appreciate the video for reference. Thank you for adding on to this idea! :grinning:


Hey @o-o,

no problem! it truly means a lot when you guys actually respond to our posts.

additionally, i’ve been posting more recently because i have a lot more of these ideas that I would like to share in my 142 days in accumulative playtime.

of course within the relm of reason. save me on your watch list to see my old posts and see the new posts i’m looking to type up soon.

I look forward to seeing future discussions and reading into older feedback of yours. Thank you for being a part of the New World community :smiling_face:

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I really like having factions. I think you may have something there with the pvp+ idea. I’m more open to changes having read your thought process. Really quite enjoyed it. Cheers


People have been saying since launch, factions serve no purpose. I always presented ideas to remove faction from pve perspective, is good to know that pvp players also feel the same.

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while I do enjoy the narrative of the faction civil war in its essence. I cant help but this becoming a power vacuum for larger companies like in rust that bully the other server members by sheer numbers alone. however if the company is only capable of paying out its members inversely proportioned by its population than I can see the mechanic naturally balancing out. but as I see this in the current state of the quest system that definitely favors larger company populations I cant see how the little guy companies could conceivably compete with the larger ones.

however. this does bring light to the opportunity of in faction civil wars where you can flag yourself as a volatile faction member. you could even go as far as the company leader simply flagging all its members a volatile faction member, capable of stealing a small amount of faction points upon team player killing.

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Honestly it’ll make it better. As it stands if the 2 strongest companies belong to the same color they just can’t fight each other, and this system takes out the thrill of alliances and strategy in the long run. I think people should have a company and color shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Even in open world its kinda boring when you see people but can’t atack them because they’re in the same color as you are. As for chest runs this would actually make people go with their company and that would actually make it so they socialize further, and we all know people stay in mmos because of the social aspect for the most part.

The major issue with this is: factions are the only thing that prevent the same 100-200 players being used in all wars. So that could be adressed allowing each company to have 2 cities TOPS, making it so in order for you to participate a war you have to be in the company for at least 2 days.

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Players create their own faction.

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This would fix shell companies, since people would stay in a 100 member clan rather than make 10 different smaller ones.
But you gotta raise personal gold cap too.

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That won’t change anything!

What I would do would be to give life to the factions, that if you are green, you ARE green, give life to the factions so that we can love them and hate the enemy faction. It is very simple to do, with 3 videos of cinematics putting the PvP if you are in enemy territory. In fact look at how shallow the factions are that we call them by color and not by name.

But for this it is important to give the possibility to small companies that can take a territory, so that it does not happen that the whole map is dominated by the same faction.

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Like la2. I like it,

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