Video as proof rdy soon !


Grats I guess.


This is the achievement ever earned.


So I remember seeing a 67k scorecard at one point, but the person had zero kills, so I am thinking that was just some sort of odd bug, and not a real game. It could have also just been a photoshop, or a healer I suppose. But here ya go, here is a 40k OPR score (also a healer, interestingly):

Side note, your score is super impressive! There are probably less than 10 people in the world that have surpassed 30k scores.

40k points in OPR:


Wish I had my vg that match, was using a rapier during that match, I was curious what the record was. Cooldown builds are awesome for healing. I run 360/150 what do you run?


I saw a screenshot 90k+ this week. So try harder :slight_smile:

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Would be an achievement if opr scoring was any good, unfortunately it’s not.

Assists, dmg and healer score cumulatively give insane amounts and capping points give a measly 90. Killing blow on baron gives only 10.


Ignore the jealous comments, those prolly dream scoring like that but never will. It would be a true nightmare fight against your group on that game :open_mouth:

My PR for an OPR was 39k def putting in work

Any video or so from it ? by any chance ?

Btw Only Healer or AOE Bow dmg can do this

IF 40 k score is the new record i will beat it :smiley: then iim higher again XD new goal set …

Pls proof or dont troll :smiley: simple

cottonmouthchris on orefena breaks my mind with his heals, iv seen dude break 40k points several times, even having a amazing game on both sides with perfect bruisers sets and healers i can never beat his heals, when i do heal, feels like im always behind him lol

Love to see that you constanly improving your healer, and hate to fight against you =)


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Evryone playing OPR knows that having a hight score means ABSOLUTLY NOTHING in this game.

Healing points count has a secret recipe that will make always Lifestaff user at TOP3 with 10k+ point on leaderboard, while some players got 15-20+ kills with 5k points.

Meaningless topic.


And best is most of this crazy healing scores are coming from aoe healers :wink:
They just put aoe for zergs to not die and thats it. Its beyond stupid.


Btw, do we have same thread/screens for war damage record?
Just curios kek

These do not count in my eyes cool i can do the same i would get 20 ppl with VG and just heal XD not hard to do then tbh :smiley:

Guys i know OPR score does not mean nothing for some ppl or anything i know idc its about playing the game and acctuly healing it without any cheats or abuse of hey we stand still and u heal or so …

I can ez break anyrecord by abusing PVE or PVP with set up teams and heal for 45 min in a opr and heal 500k points if i want sure everyone can do it so thats not the archivement im looking for :smiley:

I was queing in and heal simple done no setups :smiley:

Just to give u guys a idea i heald 12 million Heal in a WAR what was a fake one

In a real war i heal 4,9 mill so whats better ?XD