World Sets & Characters

I find it very limiting and, rather foolish to restrict players to having only one character per world set? Why? Why must players be restricted to only one server per world set? They are NOT high-pop servers. Now, the only way I can play with friends on a server in the same set is to delete my original character which I’ve worked hard on.

Players should be allowed two characters per world set, not just region. And why only two characters to begin with? I deleted my second character to be able to start a new one on the server my friends are on, only to find it was a wasted effort! Of course, I would not have had I known of the above restriction. I’ve tried sticking it out with this game because I have enjoyed it but, there seems to be more restrictions and bugs popping up each week. I have to say, it doesn’t seem this game was well thought out in all regards. Please, remove the world set restriction. Thank you.

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