World Timeout - Position in Queue #1

Anyone else having the same problem? Waiting in the queue for like ~100 spots then being kicked when you’re finally in spot #1?

I have faced the same thing today. Waited for 2.5-3 hours from 2.4k queue and after I got #1 the error came up as logging in failed or sth close. Thanks icefrog… Ah it was something else sorry. I got confused bc of my wasted time.

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Yo llevo desde la 1 de la tarde para entrar en el Server de Hades y lo mismo 6.000 de cola se me peta en 4500 y otra vez a 6.000.Esto es vergonzoso como en la beta no habia ni mitad de cola y eso que era eso una beta.

Ye, exactly this. Ends up saying something like “server timed out while spawning your character”.

Y ayer ya ni te cuento desde las 8:30 de la mañana y empece a jugar a las 18:30 de la tarde en fin de locos,dejas todo por hacer algo y encima perdemos el tiempo y vaya parece que no hacen nada pero bueno es lo que hay…

Si a mi me pasa igual jejejejeje

After trying 3 times from 6k queue to 2k and then getting kicked and always restarting from 6k I am refusing to try more, the best part is that I have already a character LV 20 and if I want to start in a new server of EU i have to delete the other. So funny. And you know what idk what to say, casualty, lucky, all the streamers of twitch are always playing and never having game queue issue :smirk:

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