World tour announcement

Sorry guys could anyone give me a world tour annoucement. Something that I can copy and paste it is because I dont know all the names of the spots I am still new just reach 60. Thank you thought I Would appreacite it <3

Depends on the server when it comes to the order, but Imp, Mines, Myrk, Mal, Pools, Sirens, Mangled, Wall, Helios, Cas is all the spots my server does. There is Beds too, but not many do those. There was a guide someone made for chest runs but sadly it was closed and doesnt have the brimstone area’s Elite Chest Run Guide - Where to Go for New/Returning Players

Grab all the waypoint and do main quest to get in Brimstone first. Prepare yourself for WT.
Whenever you see WT happening in chat just X up and follow your group. Look for them on map and follow

And remember to go for the chests and ignore the mobs like everyone else does. If you see someone struggle with a mob, don’t help but run around and get the 5 iron arrow from the cache instead. :joy:

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