World Transfer delayed?

So ive read that transfer where gonna be able 8hours after the update? and Asia servers still havent got server transfer and its been over 8 hours?
Any ETA on this?

Not sure how 3,5 (4,5 if we count that they finished maintenance earlier) hours are over 8 hours :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Asia servers had the Update hours before us and they still cant Transfer yet. been like 10-12h now after the update

What I read was this… “When all worlds are back online from downtime, our plan is to monitor the framework we created without turning transfers on immediately. Once we have confirmed that the framework holds up at scale, we will turn on character server transfers in the Utopia world first, in the AP Southeast region.” Unfortunately they did not state how long that monitoring period would be before turning on Utopia.

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According to their announcement, Utopia was the only one to open transfers. They were going to monitor it for an unspecified time. Once they were sure that was stable they would release the transfers to the rest of the AP servers and watch those for 8 hours. If all is well, then they will release transfers to all regions.

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