World transfer problem!

Ive created many tickets and other topics asking for help.
All you have done was send me some default suggestions that doens’t work.
If you read all I’m writing you will see that its a problem in your side, not mine.
And the prove that you don’t reading my messages is in the ticket that Ive send an link with my DXdiag, print of error and many stuff and in your answer, the guys asked excactly the things that I send in the link.
So lets proceed:
I still cannot transfer my character between worlds… Would be easier if you do it to me.

Please, read all information that i’m writing here, because some tickets ago, people just send me default information without understand what I said.

First, I did all your suggestions and more.

Second, don’t send me suggestions to do some network changes, because, first: I did all, second: I dont have network problem, third: I’m a IT manager, so I know what i’m talking about.

So lets proceed…

I did more tests now…

Installed the game in another PC and did a try.
Used another internet provider to do another try.
Used another PC in another State with another ISP and did another try.
Did a try with another account (From a friend of mine) in another PC, another ISP, another state, almost another world.

Did all network stuff, removed antivirus, stop firewall, tested many DNS, and many many other thing.


So, may I leave NW again?

Hello @S3phir0th,

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble transferring servers. Please note we are aware some players can’t transfer to another world as the Trading Post contract checker seems to be not loading properly. Our developer team is currently looking closely into this issue and updates will be sent soon.

Some players have been able to get around this by going to the middle fast travel point in Great Cleave called Tempest Valley Shrine, pressiing “E”, then going to the shop and initiating the transfer while having PvP turned OFF. Others have tried the process continually at one of the sanctuaries until the option came up.

In the mean-time, if the above method does not work, they are requesting of affected players to submit their World/Region and
Character Name in a web ticket to look further into this here: Contact Us | Amazon Games.

Please, do not submit this information in the forums but on the link stated above.

See you in Aeternum! :wolf:

@Fenrirskoll my problem unfortunelly is a little bit different from others that transfered using shrine. My 3 dependencies are ok, wherever I’am.

So, i did a try in the tempest shrine with pvp off, no success.

I will try another ticket, this try I will ask you to do the transfer to me.

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