Worlds first M10 Tempest Gold?

Not sure if my group is worlds first but the deed is done.


Well that was fast


No time penalty for a 49.5 min run? What’s the minimum; does anyone know? I’m glad it’s higher than the others but 49 seems like a lot.

Anything you found really hard? Neishatun?

Time shows as 1 hour.

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Oh. Duh.

Well done!

I guess you getting same shards number for a Gold Genesis ? People will push it to M10 and just go back shard farming on genesis 19 min run

I rather do tempest than mindlessly run gen or laz over and over. Plus im eyeing for isabellas red eyes which only drop in m10. I dont really run mutated dungeons for shards. More so for drops and fresh harder content

You have over 1 million umbral shards?

WTF is wrong with you?


did you get the isabellas set ??

While I can’t confirm if it’s the world first, that’s seriously impressive!

Lol you were the only one to notice. I had a goal to reach a million shards. 2 weeks ago i was able to reach that goal

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