Worst Descion Ever: Requiring an expedition before entering new expansion

My mind is still boggled.

Now hear me out here, many of you have long since finished the main quest of the game which ends at Tempest’s Heart if you remember. A lot of us however, took long breaks from the game, or, spent more time on professions and getting to level 60 in alternate ways without finishing the main quest.

Now, I did not want to spoil myself. I wanted to be able to walk into a new area.

I died.

Thinking it was a bug because it says in the combat log that some sort of hound or dog killed me. This made me think it was a bug. Might have been better if it said “Brimstone Winds” kills you, but I digress.

After asking in chat and being hit with “LOL”, “git good” a hundred times, I finally was told you need to finish the main quest.

This is unhead of.

In only one other MMO (FFXIV) in GAMING HISTORY has an MMO FORCED you to do a dungeon before you can proceed to the next expansion area and at least FFXIV had somewhat of a better story to justify it. No where was I told anywhere that I needed to finish the main quest first.

After cleaning up some main quests I head to Shattered Mountain and its obvious I would need to make it to Tempests Heart and the final turn in by running through a large mazelike city area made for 5 man dungeons groups or a chest run group. After spending 20 minutes dying over and over (more “git good” remarks in global) I was told to google online for a sneaky way to get past and into Myrkgard or find a chest run.

I ended up finding a chest run (which just by my luck happened to pass right by) and got close enough to finally unlock the waypoint and dungeon.

Laugh it me all you want for not doing this all a half a year ago.

I still have 350 hours on this game so its not like I was slacking. Main quest just didnt do it for me.

After all that…Here I am in queue for two hours now with no end in site waiting to get into Tempest just so I can see the new zone.

This is bad game design plain and simple.

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You know you dont need to do the tempest expedition right? Go to ebonscales village, there is a guy on the wall to the right of the enterence who gives you a five minute quest. When you make the suntan lotion, you will find it in your quest items. “Use item” then speak with the quest giver. Thats all there is to it. You can go into the brimstone sands even as a level 25. You will be running like everything is capable of one shotting you but your free to do so.


You don’t have to do any dungeons.


Thank you but again, how was I told about this? No one in game mentioed it in chat and you just told me now. Thanks!

There is just no pleasing some people

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And there are also people who read and then pick and choose ONLY THE NEGATIVE things to respond to which you are accusing me of doing IRONICALLY.

You skipped the part where I said thank you TWICE!

As far as i know all you need to do is the quest “selfless nature” in edengrove which has nothing to do with a dungeon… :skull:

It was told to you before you logged in, but I agree something in-game like a recommended quest would’ve been nice.


I was away since January too, and my main quest line I left off around level 30 even though I was 60 for a couple months before I left.

I had heard via twitch or YouTube that there was 3 different quests based on what faction you were and they each were in a different zone.

I just googled which one for my faction and found where exactly the quest giver was and (even though he wasn’t there yet) I logged out right there pre patch. When I logged in after the expansion, there was my quest giver to start the short quest to be able to enter Brimstone Sands.

Why did you think you had to do a dungeon?

I did all that already.

So now we have you saying that, and another saying do the suntan lotion part.

You see what I am getting at?
I SHOULDNT HAVE to ask on a forum for how to do this. Good game design would make this easier and more obvious.

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this should be how we canadians argue.

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Is your GS at 600 or close? (hoping it is <3)

If not, you’re gonna have a bad time :c

LOL very funny.


This whole post is a giant wall of negative.
On my other alts the quest in big bold letters tells you its for unlocking the territory. What is so hard about pressing the J key to check your questline or checking the Map?


Zent, a lot of these other games have these giant popup banners that explode in your face when you open the game to alert you how to do the new thing.

I’m not a big fan, but apparently that’s the new thing in mmo’s x_x

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You might be okay then, some of the mobs are a little rough even at 600

Sorry but the only main quest I have is the Heart of the Tempest…

That doesn’t show up if you haven’t done “A Selfless Nature”. I think most people who are mad about this are being ridiculous, like at most this costs you a 5-minute walk.


The second I logged on the update it literally told me on my HuD to go do the quest in GC for some lotion.

At this point they should just have an autopilot for games since nobody wants to be bothered to read anymore.

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