Worst Descion Ever: Requiring an expedition before entering new expansion

I didnt have that popup because I hadnt finished a couple of earlier main quests. You are correct but your example is not a part of the main quest timeline my complaint is in.

Oh yes “these kids these days” want everything laid out in front of them.

Meanwhile my favorite all time game is Morrowind, where you were not showed where to go all the time…

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Funny you mention that, Black Desert actually has that for travel. It’s really nutty @_@

Black Desert also has a world map far greater in size to NW. Running is usually best because you’re leveling the Breath stat along the way.


I’d rather blast through on my double dash super sprint horse.

I hate hate hate the travel. (There’s a lot i dislike about BDO for different reasons, drowning cause i fell through my boat to name one)

But ohmygosh i hate the travel

MMM no I love that travel. No Fast Travel teleporting bullshit in sight.

I want to rip every damn fast travel out of NW.

Every last one.

Then mount up.

I like the mounts, and even the boats.

I like the actual travel part, i don’t like the auto pathing system one iota.

And that a lot of the leveling in the game is based on using that so it’s a lot of leaving your character afk while it walks or travels to gain, rather than it being reasonable to level things while actually doing them yourself.

It’s like, time inflation due to automation

Reminds me of darkfall, the only way to level reasonably fast was use a macro and shoot people overnight or go swimming overnight to level your skills.

Yes well the AFK simulator that is BDO is the turn off.

All we need to have now is a player prison like archeage that was funny AF.

Yeah only one other MMO. Just happens to be arguably the first or second most popular MMO ever :joy:.

Yeah anyway there should be some kind of warning lol. Not sure how they’d expect a new player to just know.

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  1. Its in a pop up when you get in game
  2. When you open map you can see a gigantic main story quest symbol. Open your eyes

I had the same issue as you but a simple youtube video set that straight. I think what triggers most people is instead of figuring it out by themselves people give up insta and cry on forums about any minor inconvenience.

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