Worst game since 1996

I’ve been playing mmorpg games since 1996, yeah I’m a little old but
I have never seen such class imbalance in my whole experience playing these game. On top of that the bugs are everywhere abilities don’t work reliably. At this point they will never be able to fix the game with an unexperianced team of developer. So I’m out. Don’t play something that isn’t worth your time.


Clearly you never seriously played a blizzard game in it’s first 6 months.


Disagree .


people like to exaggerate…they think it makes their claims real.


Probably got killed too many times so he “thinks” the game sucks.


Pay to beta (monthly:)
Vanguard Saga of Heroes
Warhammer Online

Have you really been playing mmos since 1996?
Maybe you only played one mmo until now.

Only mmo that had a smooth launch was swtor


Doesn’t this make you wonder if they have actually been playing MMO’s that long?
Some peoples selective memory is funny.

Ultima Online, the day they introduced Tamers beeing able to tame Big Dragons. A remarkable fuckup … They took ages to get some Balance Back … Well somewhat.

Or the day they introduced Bushido skills, Sampire (Samurai+Vampire Form spell) is a Thing to this day now. Literally the only easy way to be a Melee.

No MMORPG ever achieved Balance, the only one i could think of was Guildwars 1, where you had literally for every skill a conter-skill, so Players balanced the game, to some degree, themself.

Palmstrike-Assassin got hard conter from Spiteful Spirit-Nekros.

8-Ball of Pain (full group of healer which redirect every damage Back to your) could get conterd by 1 good PI-Mesmer.

Every Game has FotM Builds or a Meta, if you’ve really THAT Long into MMORPGs, you would have known that, for sure.

Yes the game has some SERIOUS Problems, no denying that, but the worst? FF14 was worse on launch, FF11 online is still to this day a hot mess - only a mother can love, ESO has been … Uh Boy, that was a rough one too and also the godmother of modern MMORPGs, World of Warcraft, had Bugs&Beyond … Broken Classes for months, ask any Vanilla Paladin Main, it took more than a full Addon to Patch Loot so a Class which is ment to wear Heavy Armor and Heal the Frontline … To actually drop/craft Heavy Armor with healing stat … Vanilla Paladins where expected to heal in CQ within cloth/leather gear on 40 People RAIDs for more than one year until they got somewhat fixed.

We’ve seen worse Things in MMORPG History, maybe not by much, but there is still some hope left.


Swtor smooth launch lmao ?? Swtor had 2 mil subs at launch and lost them all to 500k in the spawn of 2 months. Then they went free to play with predatory cash shop and runs a skeleton crew to this day with a small update per year.

My god do people have short memories.


Can i have your stuff?


I played all these games being mentioned in the replies and I still think new world wins worst launch ever. I guess opinions vary.

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Those two games were some of the best dumpster fires I ever played.

WHO made PvP fun for me in ways different than other games had done.

VSoH was possibly the most ambitious, creative, and evocative of games. There are so many things about this game that I miss to this day.

But ya both of them dumpster fires from behind a mortuary.

As an aside has any of the music in NW seemed like it was familiar? Especially in ES it seems to almost lift lines out of the music for some of the elven towns.

Im just here for your stuffs.

Can i have? :thinking::joy:

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Use the unbalanced classes.
Problem solved.

I started with MMOs with Meridian '59 and have played pretty much every well known or lesser known release since.

This is maybe a 6.5/10 on the bad scale. Rough launch but as the most serious of issues appeared they were handled. No server wipes, no rollbacks.

UO, EQ, Odyssey Classic, Rifts, Lineage, WoW, LotR, DAoC, FFXIV 1.0 and 2.0, Tera, etc, etc, etc all had rough launches, they all had exploits, they all had class imbalance, many had duplication bugs, servers would crash constantly.

This doesn’t even cover the completely failed MMOs that barely made it 6 months before they sold out to Tencent to become a cash shop cow or shut down completely. Or the scam MMOs such as say Chronicals of Elyria.

New World, for what it’s worth, is not in that bad of a shape (now). There is a lot that needs to improve but for you to call it the worst MMO since '96 is pretty far off the mark.


Warhammer online had WAY worse class imbalance on launch.

Necromancers in DAoC were stupidly OP. As were Archers.

Rogues in WoW could literally stunlock you forever.

Riflemen in SWG were redonkulous.

No class in this game even touches any of those. And these are just off the top of my head.

You either have a bad memory or are lying.


Yeah the balance is dogshit but there has been stronger metas unfortunately, the thing is there was never stronger metas because of clearly broken shit that got to run rampart for weeks at a time. From my memory at least.

Ye sure you never saw a more unbalanced or bugged mmorpg lauch ? you seem to be full of bs mate .

to add to your list TES online is still worse balanced …to this day , lol . ,FFXIV pvp …for those 3 ppl playing it but still , wow pvp arena, if you non meta class u dont play above 1800 rating , still to this day .

SWTOR promised massive world PvP. Ilum fights where a slideshow so they stopped it completely and gave up on PvP.

Age of Conan had the worst launch imo. Tortage was awesome but soon as you left, you had no more quests to do. People left in droves, myself included

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