WOT after 1 year playing

This is just a personal point of view of the game statement after like 1 year of playing. (Yeah I’m playing it from alpha), and sorry for bad english, it’s not my language.

Imho AGS has a very big problem: lack of hype about any change. AGS is amazon, i think that more cinematics, more announcements about the future and anything that can cause hype, is good. There is no need to have a release date, just create HYPE. It’s sad that we must go on reddit and read dataminers posts about the game. So more cinematics and announcements and less “it will be know to all when i twill be in PTR”.
Another problem is the game.
It’s incredibile that some bugs are in game from the alpha. When i go to OPR or inside an expedition, the spam of all archivements/aptitude is frustrating. Can’t even see in how much time the OPR will start. The chat system that will not let write anything in some channels… and there is a ton of bugs that are already listed (cause you AGS have listed it) and still are not resolved.

Better a monthly patch less and a big fixes patches that will delete all these bugs.

There is not QOL in new world.
And is from alpha that we are asking for it.

Revamp company system. Reinsert log on money transfer. Implement company bank. MAKE EVERYTHINK THAT WILL HELP A COMPANY TO BE A COMPANY AND NOT SOME PEOPLE THAT WILL MEET ONLY FOR WARS.
Revamp housing system. ATM is useless. No bonuses for a beautiful house. Furnishing is useless except for chests and trophy. Houses in this game are used for deposit and recall point. This is very sad.
Give us the possibility to create, name and switch sets. This was requested in alpha. It was said that i was a good idea, but no news about it after more than 6 months.
Implement and fix TP. Give us the possibilità to create auctions, it’s litteraly a new content, a place where to play with money. Insert a search box in the sell tab. Fix the beewax and jewelry that appear only if i list all items. Put 1 day as default time and not 14 days, if I want i will change it, but really, there are very few items with 14 days orders.
Create a new chat channel, TRADE, so i can mute it and I can stop reading spam about items selled outside TP. Give us the possiblity to change the channel colors, group, army and global are hard to see when u are in combat or doing stuff.
We have a ton of timers to manage. Make it global or give us a panel where we can see em. It’s not hard.
In every mmorpg that i playe, except for SWG, the INN is as beautiful as useless except for recall. Why not implement something inside it? Like gambling… throw dices and try to win against an npc. (Well maybe i’m draming too much).
Place healt % inside mobs healt bar. PLEASE. WE NEED IT.
Give us the possiblity to create RAIDS for the open world groups.
Remove the AFK counter while at TP.

Great idea the mutators, but lower the crafting cost of keys please.

The new system introduced in 1.1 is good, but it’s unfair. BTW all games makes a big mistake: all items under max GS are useless. IDEA: introduce trasmog, and only who can craft an item can make it. Make it tradable.
Another problem is that i’m forced to make a ton of copies of same item to reach lvl 200. Example: Weaponsmith: i need to make like 850 Orichalcum shields. 850 salvages. A ton of money wasted.
And at the end i am neither able to craft a lvl 600 weapon! I need trophies and sets. So make that: who has all can make only 600, and others 595-600, or something similar. (here i will really appreciate any help from who is reading).

Nothing special to say, except fix lag please.

There is a big economy problem with em. If a company is very strong (and it’s ok /bow), they will have WW and EV. Actually they can make over 4 milion gold a week. Actually they can buy all TP and drive economy for all server. Why not limit to 1 territory for company?? It can be stupid but i haven’t found another solution.

Rework em, they are useless, ppl don’t want to make em, and closing all portals in the region, it’s useless. It’s the same if we repell 1 or 7 waves, the downgrade will be always the same.

Make more OPR maps, make em intraservers and fix em. Remove all buffs that a persone can bring from outside it and make it more strategic. Remove points for killing an enemy (points to win, not points to the contribution). Make respawn towers impossible to destroy from outside, and walls invalicable (yeah there is a glitch that can make u enter even if there are doors).

How the VG sword can make the double dmg of an hatchet full STR??? And root, and heal and increasing dmg for all and and and and and … This is only an example on how is umbalanced this game. and this must be fixed ASAP.

General PVE
Stop the lemmings trains chest runs. If the boss is not dead, the elite chest cannot be opened.

It’s ok, but please… how a 5 min combat against a named elite 66 boss, can drop a T2 potion???
Add orichalcum and starmetal arrows and bullets to chests in hig lvl zones. how it’s possible that inside Myrkguard i find t2 arrows???

Definetly a plague in this game. Stop em. find a solution.

And DEVS, please, play with us. Not in a server dedicated. WITH US. Or you will never understand how your players will your game works. Cause players don’t play as u intend, but as they want.

I think it’s all, surely i forgot many things but it’s already a big WOT, and i stop annoying you :).


@Shadow_Fox wanna know how is going? This is for you :slight_smile:

Aaaaaaaaaand nobody cares about costructive discussion.

Next time maybe i need to write a little baby crying drama.

Constructive discussion has been attempted by players since alpha.

You see much of anything changing?

Wake up AGS ! 99% of us don’t want to play a game where we have to grind for hundreds of hours!

You’re right … but almost in alpha forum a dev or GM or BOT or whatever it was, gave an answers like “NICE!!! we will talk about it” and then throw it in the toilet.

@Luxendra ? A sign of life?

Ever play an MMO? xD

@albo79obla Give them some time to answer boss


Go play something else then
And stop using Autism as an insult
Really does fuck all for your cause


Woah easy there turbo!

I actually am an advocate to lower the grind some (I was playing around with you) but at the end of the day its an MMO. I actually go real slow and enjoy the journey ^-^

Many good points. Especially the QOL part. The lack of a set manager or ‘salvage all’ button is mind-boggling.

no one wants to read the ramblings of armchair developers

Still no answer from devs.

I am not suspecting the devs to answer on any critical topics, and you added a bunch of them.

My POV is pretty much aligned with yours, but just to sum up what you said (with comments):

  • Make companies manageable and transparent to it’s own members.
    • Having a Transfer log
    • Properly Right System
    • Company ITEM Bank
  • Housing
    • Unrewarding, the ugliest hobo cave has 200k points while fully decorated houses only have 1k
  • Organization
    • Armor Sets, we need them!
    • Auctions (? you have to explain that one :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Make the chat more readable/configurable (You actually have options in case you didn’t know)
  • Gambling (Not working for EU sorry)
  • Raid groups
  • Lower Key Timegating & needed Resources
  • Transmog
  • All crafted items should be tradable
  • Fix lags
  • Rework territory system (Well actually fix the twink companies)
  • Rework invasions, they are boring and unrewarding
  • Cross Realm OPR
  • Make OPR balanced for BOTH teams
  • Balance weapons
  • Break up the zergs, boring, braindead, content.
  • Fix loot tables to not drop random T2 potions from 60+ enemies.
  • Fix the bots

No not fix the bots, exterminate em :rofl:

For Auctions: I put an intem in AH - base 100 gold (for example) - duration (1 day). Highest bid will buy the item. Very easy.

Gambling not working for EU? Why?

The only hype this game can receive will be a quick cinematic gif of a torque wrench screwing in a bolt cause that’s what this game needs ya feel me, not more broken ass content

It’s forbidden by law

Nope. I’m in EU and it’s not forbidden. Or casinos in EU are illegale.

You can’t run a illigal gambling platform without a licence in your game, cashing out or not does not matter for that law. Please inform yourself before just saying “I’m in EU and it’s not forbidden”

Also i am not talking about lootboxes (Which are forbidden in Belgium btw), but actualy the gambling mechanics themselfe. For example you buy gold from a gold seller, then gamble ingame and then sell the gold on MMOGA. That would be actual gambling and also tax fraud if you don’t tax the income.

albo we all know there are problems in the game and I agree with most of what you said but I can’t imagine what constructive discussion would be. I think it would need to have some devs involved because they are the only ones who can look for real fixes.
I am on the verge of uninstalling NW as I am bored with crafting and leveling. This is an amazing game to see but not much fun to play.

FYI, In my world ‘hype’ is not good. It is associated with misleading advertising. Saying something is “a bunch of hype” is derogatory. Like me trying to sell you a silk purse made out of a pigs ear. I think you want more and accurate information on the path forward in the game development.