Would be nice to be able to see if people in own faction were flagged for PvP

Unless I’m missing something it’s impossible to tell if someone in your own faction is flagged for PvP. It wouldn’t hurt to put a little symbol of some sort on their names as well.


I came here to post the same thing. There is currently no way to know if a fellow Faction Member is Flagged or Un-Flagged for PvP. Even friends and Company members have no signifier of their status.

Currently, the only way to know that a Faction Member is Flagged for PvP… is to be in a Flagged group with them.

This becomes a huge issue when in the World questing and doing PvP Missions. You have no idea if the Randos that are running with you, or nearby, are able to participate if a fight starts. This makes it really difficult to make decisions about when to engage, when to run, and if a fellow Faction Member needs help.

Also, seeing large groups of friendly players flagged encourages more players to flag as well.


So true and so mean…
Waiting impatiently till amazon games change this mess

+1 we kinda need to know if the squad around us is pvp’ing or not, especially for allies cause it tells us whether we can fight/win or not

I have had this exact thought on multiple occasions while playing. +1 please add a red border to the company logo on their name or somthing so we can see if they’re flagged :+1:

Still needed

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