Would Converting Roots to Slows Help Negate Desync?

From viewing other players’ feedback it seems aoparent that the player base feels the Root mechanic is currently a major contributor to combat feeling dissatisfying and a large cause of frustration with the game.

Would a temporary partial fix be to convert all Root abilities to Slows instead? They could vary in their % all the way down to 0% move speed which would only allow abilities, dodges.

They could update the abilities to prevent dodging for a window of time as well.

Staggers/sleeps would still be present in the game.

Would this help with the fluidity of combat significantly in a postitive way? I realize this is likely a sub-optimal fix from the dev perspective but it seems somewhat apparent that a ‘work-around’ type solution may be best for the games health in the interim to help make pvp combat more fluid and enjoyable until the servers are capable of handling the design of the dev’s optimal form of combat.

Feel free to tar and feather the idea. I’d like to see this game thrive and fluid combat I think is integral to that.

I’d also like to see GA get its lunge back, muskets and bows no longer self-root after firing, etc. Revert nerfs to fire staff. I think the game’s most fun form of combat is when all weapons feel fun and exciting to play. Not when they’re all gimped and disjointed feeling. The same sentiment goes for all weapons and armors.

Even if something emerges as OP in the meta, imo its better that combat feels fluid and fun that it needs to be perfectly balanced. Just make sword and board fun, ice and fire fun, musket boy and bow ranger their legolas dream. If I can’t catch them as a melee GA/Hammer user so be it, ill go hit someone I can reach.

Same goes for armor types. Make heavy and Constitution feel like it siginificantly mitigates damage like we had shortly after launch. Make Medium armor their grass-hopper dream, make light armor the Rammus of New World with perfect flow between rolls.

Feel free to tar and feather me for my p.s. second combat concept as well.

i would like to add silence so abilities cant be used or else it defeats the purpose. the mobility issue is a biproduct of removing stagger from melee attacks, root is a counter to that issue. if its removed there will be a lot of combat issues.

Yes. I guess my post is regarding which is the lesser evil? Clunky, lag, desync combat that currently has melee users shifting to ranged weapons or moving to prior form of combat that the servers can handle and feels more fluid?

I personally dont care what style of combat iteration it is as long as it is fluid and server performance handles it.

I think its deeper, when I cast fireball and try to run my guy starts desyncing and I need to stop running in order to cast another spell, also entomb with IG doesnt seem to cast consistently when in combat root or not, or when I burnout and get hit at my desitination I warp back to the original place I casted the spell. This all started a week after last patch, shit started to act differently, the day the patched released it wasnt so bad, as the days went by it has gotten worst.


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