Would like some improvements

Add iron and other metals to rock formations, 5-25 for iron guarantee to drop, all other metals based on chance of a rarity.
Remove mana use from light and heavy attack from all energy weapons, change “absolved” to life steal instead on life staff.
Increase jump high by 50%.
Let us collect “sea water” and cook at fire camp to get salt, let use some plants and vegetables to get sugar.
Remove charge-up mechanics from bow and a musket, musket need 200% base damage buff at least for (PVE).
Remove incoming staggers when wearing heavy armor.
Allow fast-traveling from anywhere if not over-encumbered or PVP flagged.
Allow any animation cancel with blocking.

Invasions: why in level 25 zones we have level 60 invasion? please change that.
Remove all required rare materials from crafting up until level 60 or add more choices.
Allow update/re-roll gear using tokens + higher level materials, similar to faction gear.

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