Would you do this?

If amazon was to fix all the detrimental bugs and say we are opening 10 new servers. You can transfer your character but no assets over would you?

I mean I would. I would be happy to transfer my skills etc over and just play the game… food for thought

Not really, because with every update and future dlc there will be bugs and exploits. So it would only be a matter of time brother.

The best thing you can do is give feedback and help replicate/ report bugs.


I feel the bugs will eventually be squashed with time, it’s moreso a matter of patience, and understanding what it takes to be in their shoes.

Every game on launch has bugs, glitches, game breaking stuff, it’s the nature of the business.

I am fine with how it is now, and look forward to the gem it will be when they get them all squashed! Just report any bugs you see, it helps them a ton!


I just feel the market is ruined with all the dupes and gold exploits. There should be a eco wipe tbh I wouldnt even be mad lol

Would mean you’d have 0 weapons or armor or bags. You’d have to start from flint and build up.

Hypothetically, if they had magic and the new servers were fixed, I’d transfer. All these servers are tainted.

Start from scratch with a level 60 character without armor, weapons, bags and tools, without gold and resources…
and without quests 1-60, which give the main amount of money for initial development?

Let me think about it…

No, of course not!

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