Would you recommend this game to others after patch 1.1?

I’m about 800 hrs in …

Unfortunately no, after these latest nerfs to reach WaterMark and crafting, and all the Duping that has gone on … for new players, they will just be to far behind.

I am not happy that will will be such a deterrent for new players to come into the game.

Unless Amazon are planning to just give players the chance to buy entire craft abilities and watermark boosts etc in the shop, kind of like what FF14 has.

I find the latest changes actually off putting.


No, unless the person I’m talking to is known to have clear masochistic tendencies I wouldn’t recommend this game to them.


I’d recommend them the game fully, but I would ask them to avoid the general chat and the forums for the plagues they are.
This is moaners paradise, a cesspool of scumbags, liars and around 5% decent people.
90% of the threads are pure cancer, just like the chat where as soon as someone says hello in a different language it’s xenophobia online :grin:


At this point, I wouldn’t even recommend this game to me.


Dont forget the Trolls :wink:

Nah, they’re in the scumbag section :grin:

No. I would have if you’d asked me this 3 weeks ago, but they keep moving the goalposts AFTER a huge group of players reach them.

It’s harder for me to catch up on skills, it’s going to be harder for me to catch up on HWM. I don’t really see the point anymore, I should have rushed skills and HWM instead of doing things I enjoyed, because I’m now at a disadvantage.


Maybe I would recommend it to someone I really didn’t like


the real question is would you have recommended it BEFORE the patch

Nah they did a stupid move by changing the way people are farming for WM I’m with them by buffing mobs a little bit but not that way which 10-12 people cant kill the great leader !!!
and I’m wondering why did they change the map or the way people used to farm and forced us to not do it !!!
it’s not fun to play New World anymore to be fully honest.
gg developers have fun playing the game xD

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Hell no.

I’m in a company with ~30-35 people and 5-6 regularly log on. By regular I mean at least once every couple of days.

All this patch does is confirm the “no” before the patch.

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No way in Hell !

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No. But that decision came a few days ago, not from this patch.

I also made a negative steam recommendation.


I watched an interesting video om YouTube this morning, the person was talking about how the changes are deliberate to actually decrease the player base to decrease the cost of running the game. Most profit has already been achieved from initial sales of the game, so its all just business…

Interesting, it does appear that way.


What other explanation could there be. I think you’re correct.

“Would you recommend this game to others after patch 1.1?”

Yeah if i hate them.

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Oh hell no. The last land with my faction color is gone on my server. That nerf to buffing pvp luck is like rubbing salt in.

I’ve already put a “No” review on my Steam Library page. Game is not ready for prime-time.