Would you start over?

So I’ve tried talking 2 of my real life friends into picking up the game and both of them gave 2 different versions of the same story. Neither wants to play because of all the stories of duped items and insane amounts of gold that a select few players still have. I’ve tried telling them that in the grand scheme of the game it doesn’t really matter but even I understand that starting a game where you feel you’ll never ever be able to “catch up” is a motivation killer.

So my question is this. If AGS were to create 2-3 new servers that were completely fresh start with permanently disabled transfers in would you start over to play there?

I’m still fairly new to the game and would drop my character and move to the new server in a heart beat. What would be even better is if they would make at least 1 server that removed the flagging option and pvp was always enabled. Imo this server type would have the best market stability because we could combat bots stealing all the materials.


What am I missing? I seen back in December when I was watching the game there was some exploit issues, I just started playing my account is so new I can’t even use global yet, my server is Valhalla, should I switch servers, is there a game breaking issue with the economy right now?

Should I put the game down and return at a later date since I’m not really invested in it until these issues are addressed?

I left WoW because of the devs new social justice warrior approach, I don’t want to have to deal with the same shit here, should I try lost ark?

I’m asking advice from you all because I’m sure most of you came here looking for a escape from woke world.


No I wouldnt start over. It is what it is.

Duping can happen even in old mmo’s with a lot more new players than here.

PS: Sometimes you have to accept a no it sucks that this friend don’t wanna play that specific game but thats ok. It is what it is.


So for the first part the way I understand it is that a few months ago there was an exploit that allowed the mass dupping of a lot of items and ags was not able to remove all of them out catch all three players that did it. So this gold and these items are still in circulation for some players.

It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? A company that is currently being sued for harassment and shit decides to preach to the rest of us about morals. It’s almost like they think changing a characters outfit to be less revealing will absolve then of the sexual harassment that actually happened to women working in their offices. Ya, they can keep that woke garbage. I don’t need a game developer (specially one as dirty as blizzard) preaching to me either. I have largely ignored the politics with ags. Haven’t seen a lot of that from them.

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Yes, i would start over on a completely new server. Not only because of these problems, but because maybe it’s much easier to find groups that do the basic version of the lazarus and genesis dungeons. Currently, most people have been doing mutations and I struggle to make the weakest ones.

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No way would I do the expertise grind and trade skill grind again. A new server doesn’t even guarantee new exploits and it happening again anyhow.

The exploits are what the exploits are. Doesn’t keep you from earning your own gold cap. Doesn’t stop you from doing anything.

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This doesnt make sense to me.

What is the point of starting over?

AGS has “claimed” they have removed MOST of the duped gold in the game. Whatever duped gold is out there, the impact to the economy has to be very minimal at this point. I would wager most of that has already been spent on crafting gear, crafted mats. With gold caps on players, it isnt like there are accounts of billionaires in this game sitting around. Without really trying to “Farm gold” I have over 300k gold.

They already made leveling to 60 MUCH MUCH faster and people are reporting they can do it in ~2 days.

I recently saw a post of a guy who played a few hours a day, who went from 500 → 600 Expertise in all slots in < 2 weeks of casual play.

So the time it takes you to fresh install, level to 60, get GS to 600+ in this game is probably all in < 4 weeks of CASUAL play.

So lets pretend they do this. They start fresh servers. After 3-6 months, it will be nearly EXACTLY as it is now on any of the current servers…

So what did you “gain” from this?

The reality is, EVERY MMO is this way.

So there is no real benefit I see from AGS starting up fresh servers. I personally would never start over. I think people that are holding onto this idea… dont really understand New World frankly. There isnt like massive “power” advantages you are getting in PVP anyways.

Like take a casual player, who after a few weeks has 615 average GS in all their slots with 2 perk PVP gear compared to a 625 3 perk in every slot player.

What will that 3 perk 625 player have over the 615 casual player? Maybe a few extra “Refreshing” perks? Ok, cool, so they have at MOST ~10-15% shorter CDs? And it cost them millions of gold.

That is such a SMALL “power gap” compared to any other MMO. Especially since many CDs are shorter like 10-20 seconds. So they are shaving off 2-3 more seconds on CDs… That isnt going to make or break who wins a fight.

When people say this stuff “Ill play again on a fresh server” it tells me they:

1) Dont follow New World and all the changes they have made to the game, leveling, expertise, etc.

2) Are using that as a cop out to not play the game, and not holding any other MMO to the same standard

I don’t think I would, but not because of the exploits or dupes.

It is the insane imbalance between the investment required for crafting, but the near uselessness of crafting, combined with the Gypsum/Expertise Grind that makes a new level 60 basically dogmeat in PVP, with many weeks if not months of grinding to get your Gear Score up, doing the same, repetetive tasks every day in order to get your Topaz, your Obsidian, your Amethyst, your Ruby…etc.

The game is thoroughly enjoyable up to level 59.

They even allow some players to have two toons on a server due to merges, but bar other players from having two toons on the same server, and that makes things even worse…if I could get my alt on the same server as my main, then my main would take care of all the crafting I need to do for both toons, but I’ll be damned if I waste my time on crafting on my alt, and I am levelling very slowly, because once I hit 60 on that toon, I may never play it again, because I am not interested in getting trashed over and over and over again for weeks in PVP and repeating the same tedious Gypsum grind I have done for months every day on my main.

There is no reason for a new player to start New World today unless they are Masochistic. They will have fun levels 1-59, and at level 60, the fun ends.


No, I would not spend another 2000 hours just to get where I am now.


I do agree with your post, to a point. I don’t have nearly the investment a lot of you do and I think that’s why I look at this from a different lense. And even though what you’re saying is logical (it’s why I don’t much care about it and am still playing) not everyone can see it that way and are going to be hung up on the physiology of being unfairly “behind”

I disagree on this. Crafting is trash. That much I do agree on whole heatedly. But the rest of the game is pretty dang good. The expeditions are all fun and mutated provides a nice challenge. They are constantly coming out with balance changes and while they don’t always get it right at least they’re trying. I think there are plenty reasons to start up the game now.

if they wipe everything out and start everyone at lvl 1 again I would do it because the leveling process is that much fun.


The amount of gold and items that were duped are probably insignificant next to the amount of gold and items that the Everfall/Windsward town owners have made since.
Unless you belong to an elitist company like that, you are never going to “catch up”.

Also, these companies nowadays duplicate money legally: For every 1 coin you pay for house upkeep, they get 5. AGS has fought back the search for duping exploits by handing them the money-printing machine.

Anyway, at the end of the day, AGS is doing the right thing, and decoupling the causal’s game experience more and more from being too much affected by the territory-owning elitists.
Who owns which land barely matters anymore if you just want to play with your friends.
Azoth costs for travelling have been reduced so much that faction ownership is irrelavant.
House upkeep has been reduced to a 1% max, so it doesn’t matter who owns your house’s town or how high they set the housing tax. Et cetera.

Maybe the effective difference in combat between a Have-it-all and a casual due to gear is like a 5%. It matters more what is the current meta and using consumables, than having the absolutely “Best in Slot” gear.

Reached 60 a second time, and that was it. I wouldn’t start a third.

The only way I’d ever consider starting over again is if certain things were to change.

  1. OPR available at level 10 after selecting a faction. EXP, Weapon EXP awarded allowing people to progress outside of PvE.

  2. War & Invasion are turned into Open World events and remove this silly instanced crap.

  3. A better crafting system

  4. Separation of PvE & PvP Balancing

  5. Better Unique Weapon Trees

  6. Mounts & Community Cosmetics

  7. Revamped Town ownership. The treasury being locked to only the town’s development not Company pocket.

  8. House & Guild Hall construction. Free to build wherever but not near or on Landmarks.

  9. Mass Salvage

  10. Group Finder is already coming soon so I guess :white_check_mark:

Try PVP as a new level 60.

Been there done that bought the shirt.

While there was duped gold & items when the game initially came out, that was a really long time ago. Even if gold was duped, there was still a gold cap of 500k. With the amount of time that has passed, with taxes, and upkeep cost - all of that gold is gone by now. If someone is hoarding 2m gold in a company, it’s not even remotely enough to hurt the economy.

One of the biggest gold making methods besides rolling god tier gear is selling m10 shards. If you look back in January - a m10 key alone was worth we’ll over 100k. Now you can get 6k shards for 10-15k.

IMO it’s to soon to implement these types of servers. Large majority of the population can still progress their character and have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours getting to the point where they are now. If these servers were released, you might have a population of 300-400. If you know this game well enough, you need to have at least 800-1000 active players for the server to be healthy. Dead server means you can’t do 70% of the content resulting in players quitting.


Not a friggin chance.

Im happy with the arc Im on now.

I would start over in a heartbeat. I agree with the feeling of not ever being able to catch up. I actually submitted a “request” for it in another section of this forum.

For me, it would be about being able to build up a server from scratch. THAT idea is very appealing.

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