Wow Combat is STILL broken?

So I haven’t been playing much, just doing daily’s on a dead server and wow I can’t believe how bad Combat is when I went and did some faction quests for the first time in a while. This is just PvE combat, my player teleporting randomly, as well as the enemy too, random weapon swapping so I can never know what weapon I have equipped and also abilities being activated on their own or disabled (such as the void gauntlet’s blade deactivating mid fight which can be deadly). I could only imagine PvP.

I am aware the team is working on it but can we get some updates? If it was known to be this bad, they should have rolled back the patch. While I do love the new quality of life fixes and smoother dodging which I absolutely love, it means nothing with broken combat.

Hoping to get an update and maybe a bit of transparency of why it’s taking so long to fix.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


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