Wow, no new releases since December?

Is it worth returning to the game ? I see there are no new big changes, only meaningless events. Did they fix any balancing issues or it is still an unplayable frustration in PvP ?

Huge balance changes coming soon, but idk if you’re gnna like the changes. Most players have been on the forums disputing these changes.

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collection of trash changes almost no one asked for.

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I think it’ll be a little refreshing tbh. In some ways

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Next patch is due on the 28th of March.

See the patch notes for yourself here: PTR: Seasons - February 24, 2023 Patch Notes - Public Test Realm - New World Forums


They’ve not done anything since the Brimstone update.

Game has been in the worst state it’s been in. (not factoring in bugs, which it has had a couple dupes and pretty rough weapon exploits after Brimstone)

Most of the playerbase that’s left, is hoping for the best with the upcoming balance patch…that should hit within the next 2 weeks.

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Its going to be more ranged meta for 6 months its not refreshing at all besides spear getting some play. Game was at its best when OPRs were a majority of bruisers and clump fighting. Encouraging degenerate ranged play for people without fingers is the wrong direction. Firestaff and bow should be high skill ranged weapons not easy to use point farmers that any joe schmoe can pick up on the weekend and do well with.

Looks like it will be worth at least trying out PvP, hope there are still players queueing…

To be honest, and maybe people will hate me for saying this, but I don’t understand why wouldn’t they introduce some quality of life updates to at least bring back casuals, all those balancing “experiments” is really a killer to casuals that invested time in gear. Besides other things, wouldn’t be better to scale random pvp (arena included) to the same stats for everyone, so at least people can join and have some fun in PvP. Keep wars and open world for the experienced, hardcore players, random pvp for the rest.

For me at least, as I don’t intend to invest any high amount of energy in this game anymore, I would like to be able to come back and do some PvP and PvE without having to grind my way back to the same level as everyone. Last time I played random PvP was a pain, you could see who had best gear and best gems or glassgems or whatever (I forgot), and in PvE there were so many mutations, and people didn’t even invite you if you had “non meta” weapons equipped, which is very dumb.

Let’s be honest, this game is a sandbox mmo, it doesn’t have any real massive content to burn your time, they count on vertical progression to keep players hooked but it’s wearing casual people out of the game and changing the meta multiple times is just the cherry on top. This game should be less grindy and more fun/casual friendly.