Wrong server transfer due to servers name bug

Hello everyone, I’m going to explain my problem.
This morning every nickname of servers was replaced by “live+numbers”. Due to this bug, i wrongly transfered to Acrux (live-1-32-2) instead of Betelgeuse (live-1-33-2). I am the first who admit his errors, but if the names were “Acrux” and “Betelgeuse” instead of “live-1-32-2” and “live-1-33-2” i would have never did it. The two servers have pretty the same numbers, just one “3” instead of a “2”.
Now I am in a server with no friends and with people who speak an unknown language to me.
Is there any chance to come back to my friends?
Nickname: Frappella
Desired destination server: Betelgeuse (live-1-33-2)

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