Wrong world transfer

hello all, today i used my transfer coupon but i made wrong pick by game’s bug unfortunately. All server list was code so i decided to sort by players online bcs we were on discord but New World shows up steam friends on servers not the friends from game… so i went to wrong server and Amazon game supports didnt help. İts all because of games bug and stupid friend system and now they dont help me, lol. Normally amazon always try to help their customers but this time they totally makes all things very bad from start to now. İ hope they ll fix this bug and refresh transfer coupons as soon as possible because we bought this game to play with our friends…


I made the same mistake.
I transfered to Acrux (live-1-32-2) instead of Betelgeuse (live-1-33-2). I am the first who admit his errors, but if the names were “Acrux” and “Betelgeuse” instead of “live-1-32-2” and “live-1-33-2” i would have never did it. The two server have the same numbers, just one “3” instead of a “2”.
Nickname: Frappella
Desired destination server: Betelgeuse (live-1-33-2)

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