Wrongfully Perm banned

I heard of a few people banned for BOFA

I’ll be watching this thread, lets wait a couple days to see if he gets a response to say he has been banned by accident. :clock11:

i will inform u whatever outcome happens if his unbanned ill let u know, if his banned legit and shown without a dout his cheating ill still let u know and apologise. but as long as they review it without automative responses

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but won’t hold my breath. I have zero faith in AGS customer support. They’ve already proven themselves completely incompetent, but I’d be happy to be wrong about that.

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AGS has been excessively lenient when it comes to ban appeals (I have seen two confirmed cheaters get their appeals accepted previously). If they stuck to their guns this heavily than it may be better to start considering if the people you thought were clean actually are.

Not saying that there aren’t false bans, but appeal it properly as we aren’t your army and given the choice between your word or AGS’s I trust them (slightly) more than you.

From what I understand, OP went through the appeal process and was simply given an automated response with absolutely no info on why they were even banned in the first place.

Cry more … you cheat … now go to your room and cry :slight_smile:
i hope everyone will get ban even the ones did even little bit of exploit

ty for the free bump :slight_smile: soy boy

why are you here and not your banned friend?

I’d assume because you can’t post on the forums with a banned account? :clown_face:

As a new player it seems worth using these exploits let’s be honest why would people not use them if you only get a 24 hour ban then get to keep said item and gold.

This is a real issue that seems to be effecting company armor craftsmen specifically. Across multiple servers, those using guild materials or collecting daily mats from company members have been getting banned. Obviously appealing by saying “oh my friend would never cheat” is a horrible argument to make to someone who has no idea who you or your friend is… but for the majority of these people to specifically be the armorors, and not other professions/gatherers is extremely odd to say the least.

Many of these people have had trophies week 1 to 2, far before the recent trophies dupe went rampant. If I had to guess, there’s been an issue flagging accounts who have passed around extensive amounts of voidbent armors that the average player wouldn’t be able to do without the backing of a zerging company…


trophies are not required to roll 600.

nice try.


200 jc and armoring in 1 week? you don’t find this suspicious?

even if I farmed 24 hours a day, whether it be materials or gold. I could not achieve this. your town did not own evenfall for this entire period (from release) , and I’m sure did not funnel him gold, as it was likely needed to invest in the claiming of land.

Your defending a lie, with yet another lie.

In this case, you are not helping your cheater friend at all, or your cheater friend is not as honest as you think he/she may be.

Completely incompetent huh? Is this because earlier you complained about your boy being banned for “legit” trying to merch 32 major luck trophys on his level 10 mule because a magical odd number came to the market for cheaper than normal? Yea there’s no hope lmao whatever your company does it deserves the backhand it’s getting. Enjoy getting dropped like a newborn baby.


Um what? I have no clue what you’re talking about. No one mentioned anything about luck trophies, are you sure you’re in the right thread?

Armouring isn’t hard at all. Me and 2 friends got one of us from 100 to 200 in a day. Took a lot of hemp and buying reagents, but it’s not a super long grind. JC isn’t that much worse if you get guildies to help out with low tier gems.

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We can’t provide account information for anyone but the person involved for moderation issues; however, even then, I’m not part of the Game Moderation team and I don’t have any insight into this. I can only advise you to have your friend submit an Appeal a Ban ticket here.

Since this thread is turning toxic and some of the comments here do not follow our Code of Conduct, I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for your understanding!